1941 House Rules 1.2

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    A few things concern me about 1941 - low income, luck playing a big role, and the Axis advantage.  Here are some house rules that can help improve the game IMO.

    IPC x2
    IPCs will be x2 (not territories).  The purchase capacity will remain the same, but now players have more money to purchase higher priced units.

    Re-Roll Tokens
    Each side will receive 2 re-roll tokens to re-roll a round of combat.  This will be used especially in cases where the dice are really bad during a crucial battle.

    Additional Infantry
    Allies receive an additional infantry per IC.  Axis receive 2 additional infantry per IC.

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    I prefer playing OOB with bids, USA8, so do not have experience of house rules such as these.

    Just a comment on the R bomber, though. My point would be that you do not need a 12 bid to win as allies, meaning that someone who thinks he does can always be out-bid. But of course I am talking OOB and your house rules probably change things. For example the income/capacity change may help R more than it does G.

  • As always, great feedback PP.

    You make a good point about the capacity/income and the bomber.  I will go ahead and drop the bomber and add infantry/country.

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    Hehehe! You seem to have mistakenly edited your opening post in the thread to remove your proposed house rules USA8. Not a problem to me, but precludes others feedback on those.

  • I had to rewrite it.  Oh well, I made it more brief.

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