Losing the War Osammy bint Ladin offers truce…

  • Thank you, Janus. By RB’s logic, all white protestants should be looked upon as Nazi’s. How does it feel to be a Jew murdering facist, RB? Oh… do you need me to list out how whites have harassed, discriminized and murdered those of other faiths and ethnicities? Would you like me to put it in a pop quiz so you may understand it in dumbass fashion since that’s the way you like to communicate it? Yeah,… since 95% of America’s serial killers are white and many of them came from Christian faith, that must mean we should assume all whites are. Well, you can live in your bubble and assume all Christians are safe while your kids are getting molested by priests. So it comes down to one thing. Us or them. What great choices, RB! I love it. Have fun in your bubble. I know I will in mine.

  • You know, we seem to be proving that the best way to kill a terrorists is with a sniper, not an air strike.

    Otherwise let’s just unleash against Oregon and Idaho (all of those damn survivalists that believe in the Constitution), New Engalnd and California (all those damn liberals that engage in terror via the courts), the South since they are just itching to seceed again, Texas for having so many criminals that they have to execute more people than any other sate…  and of course everyone else in the world for not being a WASP Republican!

    … and in the Electon fo the next President of the World, Jay Thomas Cockroach is elected over his opponent Juan Fire Ant by 45,678,985,567,342 to 25,465, 928,201.

  • It seems to me that RB is being EXTREMELY narrow in his definition of “terrorist”.  
    In Canada - the FLQ, in Japan - the shining path, in central America hundreds of terrorist acts committed by “Catholic” drug runners etc., in Spain - the Basques, in N.Ireland/UK the IRA and it goes on and on.  In the US yes, you have some terrorists of Islamic background, but neither McVeigh nor Kazinski were Islamic.  Neither are the people who terrorize their schools and post-offices etc. with guns Islamic.  This is the problem with people like RB - they rarely see outside of their narrow sphere.  Open your eyes.  The world is much bigger than America and your little worldview.
    I wonder if the scale of Islamic terrorist acts even comes close to the number of Iraqi civilians that the US and coalition forces have murdered. Â

  • Yes RB, we need to be more underrrrstanding and open minded! :lol:

    Im in a good mood, so ill be nice.  :mrgreen: CC, do you honestly believe that? or are you just jelous that your army is smaller than NYCs police force, and our military kicks ass? :mrgreen:

  • Eisenhower would cry if he could hear you.

    anyone seen “Why we fight”? … wait, i’ll make that “anyone with a brain” … wait, i’ll make that “anyone with a working brain who also uses it to think” …

  • As far as your “hating muslims” thing goes, when muslim terrorists kill 3,000 of your countrymen without provocation, it comes down to two things: You or them and it’s not going to be me or my family.  If you want to live in a bubble where you think the world is nice and friendly, that’s your choice.  But when those of a certain religious group have threatened to kill you and your family, you have to take a look at what religious group is doing that.  The answer should be obvious.  What you do with it is up to you.  I for one want to know who my enemy is.

    You must really hate alchohol, because, the hting goes, when drunk drivers kill 17,000 of your countrymen without provocation, it comes down to two things: You or them and it’s not going to be me or my family. If you want to live in a bubble where you think the world is nice and sober, that’s your choice. But when those who choose to consume alchohol threaten to kill you and your family, you will have to take a look at what beverage is doing that. The answer should be obvious. What you do with it is up to you. I for one want to know who is dangerous.

  • Its not the alcohal that kills them, its the irresponsible moron that does.

  • It’s not the Muslim that kills them, it’s the irresponsible fanatic that does.

  • I’m curious.  For those of you who support RB’s comment (I guess that’s RB, IL, and Marine), how many Muslims do you know?  Have you ever read the Koran, and have you ever gone to a mosque?

    Just to clarify something, Ncsc, when I referred to Israel, I was actually talking about Israel itself and the charges of state terrorism.  I don’t necessarily agree with this concept, but it serves to show how loose the idea of terrorism and terrorist can be.  Also, as I’ve said elsewhere, it was the Israelis who first brought terrorism to the Middle East after 1948 with the killing of the UN representative.  As far as I know, the only religion that has not resorted to terrorism in the name of holy war or “civilization” are Buddhists, although the Tibetan rearguard action against China may disqualify that remark.

    As for the Chechens, I was making a similar point, but thank you for the correction.  I tend to think of the Muslim element as tangential to the conflict, as I find it’s much more of a separatist movement rather than a religious movement, so I overlooked that.  Thanks again!

  • Yanny, the fanatic is a muslim, the irresponsible moron is not alcohol.

    yes I have read the Quaran, and yes I have known Muslim men. I have not been in a mousque, but I have been near one.

  • But is it the alchohol who kills someone in a drunk driving accident or is it the irresponsible moron?

    Is it the religion who commits the acts of terrorism or is it the crazy fanatic?

  • One thing I’ve thought about over the years, is how could someone do/plan any act of violence or death?  I can’t even imagine it…I couldn’t imagine being BTK, Dahmer, Polpot, Hitler, Stalin (I know this is a broad list…), etc.  Then I read about the conditions that many Palestinians have endured post-WW2.  That’s when I realized that conditions are possible to create such people.  It’s not so much that I excused them of their actions, but that I understood their situation.  The actions of Israel, which Chengora pointed out (btw, I took it to mean Israel and not Palestinians when you said Israel), have been far from honorable.  Lately, Israel has given me hope that violence won’t always be the means, and therefore, the ends, to any racial/cultural/religious dispute.

    Here’s something else - if killing your countrymen is wrong, then why haven’t some of you questioned Bush, in the light of an unwarranted Iraq “war?”  Needless deaths have accumulated on both sides.  He went over the opinion of the global community, ended up being wrong (or knew he was wrong all along and didn’t care), and now looks like more of an ass than he was.  Anyone can pull a trigger and kill one or more people (which is awful), but someone who can set the conditions for a massive conflict and does so irresponsibly is deplorable.  I still believe the best way to support our troops is through restraint and never having to use them.  That would be the mark of a true great politican.

    Now we are setting an anti-Muslim tone in the United States, which is a lovely addition to our resume of intolerance to other groups, such as native Spanish-speakers (defined by some in the all-inclusive term Mexicans) and humans of darker hues.  We create conflict in the Middle East - I guess we assumed there wasn’t enough already - and, in return, they resort to bombings and guerrilla tactics to drive us from “their” land, which seems fair as we went in with bombs and guns ablazing.  Honestly, I think the US acts like an attention-whore.

  • You are absoulty right. Screw anyone that not American (with a few  exceptions) Im happy with that.

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    For those of you who support RB’s comment (I guess that’s RB, IL, and Marine),

    Sorry I’m not involved with that toilet flush… i just thought Runes post was very creative…I like that form of sarcasm… its quite a good literary tool for getting the point across… Imagine how he stirred up the beehive with that post…you should learn the technique… its quite effective…I don’t believe in the “guns don’t kill people i do” analogy that is being tossed around. Thanks for thinking about me however!

    I allready posted what i think… in for one dont buy into the “all muslims are bad thing” there clearly is about 5% of them that harbor no anti-westerner thoughts/actions  so we cant call them “all”  terrorists  now can we? 😉 :mrgreen:

    😄 😄 😮  :mrgreen:                :evil: :evil: :evil: :roll:

  • M36, two questions please.

    But is it the alchohol who kills someone in a drunk driving accident or is it the irresponsible moron?

    Is it the religion who commits the acts of terrorism or is it the crazy fanatic?

    I am interested to hear the answers 🙂

  • @M36:

    yes I have read the Quaran…

    I so doubt that. But i love the “I have been near a mosque”.


    You are absoulty right. Screw anyone that not American (with a few  exceptions) Im happy with that.

    Yanny - F_alk, you’ve been warned. Ad hominum will not be tolerated. Don’t make me lock this thread.

  • But

    Screw anyone that not American

    goes unwarned?

    Yanny, would you please explain why so i don’t think you have turned nationalist?
    Also, I in fact defended your language.

  • He wasn’t attacking a specific member of the forums.

    Plus, that is a very realistic foreign policy idealogy.

  • My attack was as unspecific as his.

    I am not american. He qualifies for my attack. Why am i the one that is warned, even though i only reply?

  • Because your attack was specific, even if it was indirectly specific, if that makes any sense.

  • HELLO ?

    You mean i should have said:

    All americans are idiots.
    Screw all americans.
    Kill all americans?

    Do you actually notice what you are promiting by your behaviour?

    And look how many people on this board are not USamerican. His attack can well be counted as personal, as he meant less than 5 people.
    My attack was directed at at least three members of the board. Where in the numbers is the difference between “indirectly specific” and “unspecific” ?

    Why do i have to stay silent when someone says i should be screwed?

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    F_alk… your the worst antagonizer or should i say " provocateur" (if you want a French word)  on these boards… all you ever do is somehow fit your ignorant views of US’ans into whatever category it seems to fit in your hollow mind. No matter what the topic it is either “how clowns play axis and allies” or “Giant Crabs and gravity” or any other silly thread allways turns into a trainwreck as soon as your ugly comments start flowing. You have a right to speak, but 99% of the time your attacking the poster by the second reply… and bringing up “your baggage” from other threads/battles… Please buy a comfortable bed with sideguards so you stop falling out of bed.

  • F_alk, there is a difference between “keeping it civil” and “mouthing off at every chance”. There has to be a certain amount of trust for moderators for a forum like this to work.

    I am closing this topic. It’s too bad, because I was attempting to make a point to marine about exactly the kind of thing that you were expressing in a less civil manner. Regardless, I think I got my point through without having to have him admit it. It’s not the Muslim in the terrorist, just as it’s not the alchohol in the irresponsible idiot.

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