How to prime pieces from A&A 1914?

  • I am having trouble priming the polyethylene material that 1914’s pieces are made from.  Has anybody tackled this issue?

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    What are you using to prime them?
    What kind of issues are you having?
    Did you wash them in warm soapy water and dry them fully first?

  • Yes, I washed them with warm soapy water.  Is it necessary to scrub your pieces with a brush while doing so?  Because I did not.  Just soaked them and washed them off.

    I was trying to use Citadel Paints spray primer.  The primer does not adhere, it scratches off easily.

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    Citadel spray primer isn’t even primer to be honest … it’s just spray paint. Non-adhesion is a common issue with it outside of Games Workshop models (they use a different plastic mix than most board game pieces do). That’s probably the problem right there.

    Get real primer. I use cheap $2 primer from WalMart and it works perfectly. Others swear by automotive primers. Some people use Krylon Fusion as it bonds itself to plastics even better (but is not actually primer) - I’ve used it with good results but still stick with the cheap-o Walmart brand primer.

    Once painted and you’re happy with the results, use a clear acrylic coat and your paint job will remain protected for years.
    Alternately, use a clear non-acrylic so you can, if you want, remove the paint at some point in the future (acrylic is a pain to remove).

    It’s a good idea to give the pieces a light scrub when washing them, but not always necessary. This is just to remove any leftover mold release residue (which is in essence an oil and will prevent stuff from sticking to it).

  • Thanks for the advice!  I will try a different primer.

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