Struggle for Europe and Asia Rules

  • Wondering if anyone’s played the Struggle for Europe and Asia board game. Being a variant of Axis and Allies, it seems really useful for doing a conversion into the 1940 game. At least the most useful part of it seems to me to be the victory conditions that defeat the push mechanic of the original game putting it more on level of chess with rts elements.

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    The rules might be good, but the map looks hideously deformed - I’d hate that.

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    What are the victory conditions in this game? is there a link you could provide?

  • there’s the link to their forum. Essentially their victory conditions are similar to that there’s territories worth points like the victory cities are, except places like Sicily are worth 1 while the caucuses might be 5. Depending on the date the axis win if they have a certain amount of points which decreases as the game goes on and if they are under a certain amount the allies win. There is also enough leeway room that for a good portion of the game a player would have to be drastically winning to have the game called but at the same time if the allies are not making headway late game they lose. I’ve only briefly tested this on a time scale going to 1947 and it seems to be pretty effective while at the same time making places like that Sicily territory actually worth something in game terms.

  • I play whit a part of the rules and for the other i adapt a part of the rules. The scale of unit and terrain is not the same. But in overall is fun and much historical.

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