• My experenced Axis and Allies players, I have a simple question for you that I need answered by Sunday morning.
    Which side should win more between.two players of equal skill?

    You see I am teaching my girlfriend to play Axis and Allies, and I only have Revised, and 1940. I think it is best to start with the game that doesn’t have a board longer than she is tall. I wish to give her the better side as to compensate for my additional skill and practice in the game.

    Thank you for any advice you can.offer :)

  • In my opinion, the Allies have a better chance of winning.  I consider the Axis to be more challenging, but more fun to play.

  • I’d say if the players are experienced, the Allies are easier to win with.  But I think the Allies are harder to play for novice players.  Getting the USA logistics up and running can be daunting for new players.  Plus it takes a lot more inter-country cooperation and coordination to run a successful war as the Allies.

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