IL's New Global 1939 "phase two" map file…

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    This map shows realistic improvements to central Europe. Of course a number of new land areas will be created  ( like Slovakia and Hungary separate)

    Plus oil centers and national identification of colonial assets to be done.

    My intention is to make Europe only changes and have a 1939 setup using all of HBG pieces, so the mobilization chart will need editing.

  • IL, I know it is an older topic but I like the map changes on this Europe map allot! Eastern Europe and the Minors look so much better. I also like the added oil fields! I think I found the rules and setup for this map in another topic.


    is there or will there also be a changed pacific map with added oil fields etc

    Or is this “project” dead?

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    Well i have not playested the E39 module enough, so continuing on Pacific would be next.

    It is only a matter of 5-10 minutes to add oil centers, but i dont want to jump ahead of myself.

    The main thing with e39 is creating an IPC fund for Germany and rules which govern it’s use. The amount is most important, but i have not played enough to get that right.

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