Are there any Axis and Allies player's from North West England in this forum ?

  • It’s a pity you can’t in the next couple of weeks. Been here a week now and am getting drawbacks… 😉

    I am in Bromorough, the Wirral, for another three weeks, so if anyone does have time, that would be great.

  • So, this thread is old and dormant but I am a UK player, split between London and Manchester. If anyone is interested in games or if anyone has managed to get a group going I’d be interested. I play AA42SE and G40 mostly.

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    Hi,just another foreigner in UK,Yorkshire-Hull……just let me know if you gonna do something,up for it. (Winter is coming)

  • Nice to read on dark hidden secrets where Peop’s are from that we see on this forum! I originally from Somerset but now live in Ontario Canada!

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    You are English? Well now I know.
    Hope you are happy in Canada. I love England and am too  conservative (and frightened) to move away.

  • Hi all,

    I’m only interested in the Anniversary addition, but being a dad to 2 little girls means spare time isn’t that frequent.  Fortunately I have a man-cave, so leaving a game set up is an option.

    I’m based in Runcorn, but work in central Manchester.  Prefer to host, but would also be willing to travel.



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    Geoff - as you have not had any responses thought I’d mention the Battle of Britain event posted in Events.

    Given your preference for “Anniversary” it’s a long shot - but nothing ventured ……


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