Movement question. Would like an Answer asap :)

  • I remember an earlier rule that while neutral, America could not end a movement adjacent to an allied territory. I know the movement rules regarding the Atlantic, and I know that in the Pacific, America cannot end a movement adjacent to any Japanese territory while not at war. My question is, can America end a NCM adjacent to an allied territory e.g. New Queensland?

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  • Thank you very much! Additional question: Even though the U.S. can park next to an allied nation while still neutral, it cannot use any of the naval bases, correct?

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    Yes in the Pacific, USA can end next to Queensland, but can’t use the base while neutral.  The USA can go anywhere on the Pacific map that is not adjacent to Japanese controlled territory.

    It’s in the Atlantic that the USA must stay next to USA territories with the addition of Zone 102 while neutral (i.e. can’t end next to Canada or anything)

    You’re right, neutral powers cannot use the facilities of other powers (can’t use naval bases).  But if you end your boats’ movement next to Queensland and Japan declares war on UK/ANZAC, then the USA will be able to declare war on Japan and immediately move those boats 3 spaces from Queensland that turn.

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