Seen a good movie lately?

  • Has anyone seen a good movie lately? If you have let me know cause damn i haven’t seen a good one in a while…

  • Anger Management with Adam Sandler/Jack Nicholson is easily the most hilarious movie I’ve seen in a long time…if I think of any others I’ll post them.

  • Speak of the Devil, I just saw One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest myself (also starring Jack Nicholson). Old movie but worth the watch.

  • you should see the producers by mel brooks which is probably the best movie in the world

    i like a man who grins when he fights

    • winston churchill

  • Backdraft (1991)… lots of action, suspence, alcohol, and pagentry. Surprizingly good for a movie with no guns.

  • Speaking of Mel Brooks Young Frankenstein is amazing

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    go get Der Untergang on DVD ( the downfall)

  • Walk The Line was amazing. i was always a big Johnny cash fan, but even if you don’t like him or care about him the movie was damn good, well worth the $8-10 to see it.
    and if you want the classics i just watched The Desert Fox again yesterday, it had been awhile, but damn that a good movie. and always Ghostbusters.
    a short list of movies you can watch over and over
    1.) The Burbs with Tom Hanks
    2.) Patton with the man
    3.) Braveheart good stuff
    4.) Shawshank Redemption with Morgan Freeman
    5.) Porkys always good for a laugh
    6.) The Royal Tannenbaum’s i don’t no if i spelled that right
    7.) The Magnificent Seven, always a good flick
    8.) The Big Leboski shut the F up Donny your out of your element
    9.) Super Troopers good old Canadian fun
    10.) Canadian Bacon with John Candy, speaking of Canadians, its also a Micheal Moore film
    i think that enough for now

  • You know you can get both Gostbusters for 10 dollers now on DVD, along with all three of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  • The Chronicles of Riddick
    The Naked Gun
    Wrongfully Accused
    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (as well as the first three, while you’re at it)

    Those are just off the top of my head…

  • Major - something tells me you’d like The Devil’s Brigade . . . .

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    Major you should get the “desert rats” which was the sequel to that movie, besides this get battle of Britian , battle of the bulge,  bridge too far, bridge at remagen, five oclock high, tora tora tora,  midway, and conspiracy (covering the wansee conference).

  • Before you see the Magnificent Seven, see Seven Samurai.
    For that matter, see Kurosawa’s originals before you see the remakes (not saying the westerns are bad, just different - and weird how the Japanese have a cowboy fetish but we copied their movies into westerns).

    Other than that, I’d recommend the Tin Drum (WW2 related material), A Very Long Engagement (WW1 movie that’s just enough guy and gal flick - but it’s FRENCH!!! OMG!!), Zatoichi, Women’s Penitentiary 1 - 287.

    Obviously joking about that last one.

  • yeah i have seen all of those ( i was a film student for 3 years) all good stuff. seven samuri was a damn good movie, but nothing like a good ol western shootout with the bad guys.
    here are some other movies from great (G) to really stupid yet entertaining (S)
    1.) Top Gun (S)
    2.) Platoon (G)
    3.) Hero with Jet Li (G)
    4.) Stripes with Bill Murrey (G)
    5.) SLC Punk (S)
    6.) The Dangerious Lives of Alter Boys (S)
    7.) Any Mel Brooks movie, ie. Blazing Saddles, Robin Hood Men in Tights all(G)
    8.) We Were Soilders (G)
    9.) Meet The Phebals (spelled wrong im sure) a good Peter Jackson flick (S)
    10.) Ernest Goes To Camp (SSSSSSSSSSS)

  • @F_alk:

    Has anyone seen
    “Merry Christmas”
    yet ?

    related to that:

    Haven’t seen it, but it looks interesting.  Thanks for the heads-up!

    Also, Major Konings -
    #9 Meet the Feebles, in case you wanted to check it out again.  Pretty crazy movie - an R-rated muppets show.  Didn’t know it was Peter Jackson who did it, though.

  • I mean really
    1.evil dead 2 (classic cult)
    2.dead alive (another classic… where else could you get the line " I kick ass for the lord!!!")
    3 buffalo soldiers (what the army does when its in peace time)
    4. bad santa (gotta have a christmas movie on the list … its just that time of year.)
    5.ghost busters ( just cause it rocks )
    6.spartacus (dude it just rocked…)
    7. legend of the drunken master ( it has a 45 min last boss fight scene… ROCKS)
    8. Boon Dock Saints ( to qoute " We could kill everyone!")
    9. the big lebowski ( I bowl once a week, so i gotta give props)
    10. errr toss up Happy gilmore or lord of war…gonna have to go watch them again… oh hell it could be patton i do love that one… errr ok
    perhaps i can think of about oh 30 movies that are needing to be in my top ten… but 21 are tied for the 10 spot…

  • @Patton+:

    7. legend of the drunken master ( it has a 45 min last boss fight scene… ROCKS)

    Doh…I forgot about this one.  A great movie…even better to get drunk to!  Yee haw!

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