1942-41 Anniversary Map - Large format PDF

  • I’d like to share a large scale 1941-42 Anniversary Map I “enhanced” to give to my son as a gift for his birthday. (You’ll find the link to this file in my signature.) The original map I based this on was created by Imperial Leader who kindly gave me the go ahead to share this work with you. I’d appreciate any feedback before I place the full 180mb fileup to the server. This is a 25mb “low res” version for all to review. It goes without saying that we’re lucky to have someone as passionate in this community as IL. The amount of time he has put into designing these maps is immeasurable. You’ll see there are a few things that I adjusted and modified - but know that it was all done to create a personalized map for my son (it’s quite subtle - but you find his initials and birthdate on the US fighter). It would be great if you could look this over to see if there are any typos. I’ll try to make adjustments in the coming weeks and then post a final version if there are any who like this version of the map to print.


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    Cannot open the file. Can you make it a PNG. extension?

    I know the file is not converted properly because it is so small of a file

  • Hey IL,

    I’ve tested the link from my signature a few times and it automatically downloads the PDF.

    I will place a PNG well and repost.


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    Thanks. I will look over it carefully and we will make a sticky once it is proofed.

  • If you go to the link in my signature you’ll find the link to the PNG file.


  • This is not anniversary edition, this is retail game “Spring 1942”.  The “lite” version.

    Although it may have “25th anniversary” printed on it this game is/was $24.99-$29.99 and was seriously lacking on everything.

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