Field Command: Singapore 1942

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    So Field Marshal have you ever thought of making a module for this game? It looks real fun but I don’t have $70 burning a hole in my pocket. I mean I’d rather have the board version but a module would be great for a demo. What do ya think? Also I noticed that in your rulebook that you have the “company commander” section of the training guide as rolling for one unit. Does that mean one unit is roughly 140 men strong? Idf so thats cool because it gives the game a sense of realism. Bonus points for historical accuracy  🙂

    I can’t do that as this is not my game.  Any module or TripleA version of this game would have to be licensed by WorldsForge Ltd.  FMG is the North American distributor of Field Command games only.

    I can tell you that Historical accuracy is very important to the design team at WorldsForge.  This is by far the highest Quality Historical board game I have ever had the pleasure of playing.

  • Ah well thats to bad. Well if you ever have a game that is similar to Singapore please make a module because it would be a great game.

  • @Imperious:

    No but i will post pics of the AA pieces next to them.

    lol this tread is over 2 years old and I guess IL forgot to post pics of A&A and Singapore pieces for a side by side comparison.  😄

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    You can gauge the size of pieces against the infantry. There is a good set of pics at BoardGameGeek.

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