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    Larry is going to release a new copy of the rules to fix some of the minor issues left after releasing Alpha +2.  Unfortunately, it may take another two or three months to be released or it could be released tomorrow.  Then, after it is released, players will have to become familiar with the new rules and how it effects their favorite strategies.  On the plus side, it proves to be more balanced (or it should if he goes where I think he is going based on the discussion on his page.)

    That said, I’ve already talked to some of the other mods/admins/peeps in charge about running a Global 1940 tournament.

    I have a limited ability to keep track of hundreds of people, so we’ll have to limit the number of games (which has been done in the past) to the following:

    16 Players if the games are one on one
    32 Players if the games are two on two

    I’d like to know which ruleset people would prefer and if they want to play teams or individuals.  (Of course, if we don’t get even 16 players to sign up (or 16 teams) this might not happen, I’d have to look at setting up the brackets, etc.)

    In my mind this kicks off in Late August, Early September.

  • How will games be played?  To a certain round or till the end?  FTF or Battlemat?  Are there any other applications that work for this version?

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    How is a tournament played? Is it by forum posts? Is there a instructional thread or a link you could give me so I could learn how to play?

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    As with previous tournaments, the games will be played online by forum.  Abattlemap is certainly the standard method of doing this currently, I am not even sure Mapview has a utility and I know TripleA does not (unless this has been rectified in the recent weeks/months.)

    House rules, etc would have to be considered at a later time, if we are going to have any.  House rules include Bidding, as well as game play changes.

    Matches (or Team Matches if Team Games are the preferred method) will be made by die throw.  Winners will play on.  There may be a loser’s bracket, I am not sure on that yet.

    I should note, if Alpha 3 is not released by the time the tournament starts, then I will default all Alpha 3 votes to count for Alpha 2.


    How is a tournament played? Is it by forum posts? Is there a instructional thread or a link you could give me so I could learn how to play?

    Anyone that wants a crash course on how to play online using these forums and/or Abattlemap may PM me directly or many of the other players who have used ABattlemap and played online.  It is not difficult, but it can be confusing the first time.

  • I’m interested. I’ll play Alpha +2 or Alpha +3. Either one vs. one or two vs. two. I have a friend I play with online(Hobo Smasher) that will play either Alpha +2 or Alpha +3 w/me, against another opponent(i.e. one vs. two) or (two vs. two).

  • I am very interested, voted for 2v2 A3, but iam ok with 1v1 A3.
    havent played by forum, but by skype/Abatllemap, so only got 1 question, how to roll the dice? on forum? or just a random generator and copy paste?
    Any ideas on a time limit, if theres to be one? game and tournament wise?

    P.s. If any1 wants to play just a regular game (A2 or try some A3) i am very interested, Pm me here or add me to skype (mark_newton)

  • Is there a thread for Alpha 3??

  • Sounds like fun, I would like to see it all on table top and not monitor screen. So much for dreaming
      I think the loser bracket should play on, It’s just a gut feeling.  When we’ve done multiple boards of Euro, Pac, Original, and the two revised the winners faced off against each other and the losers faced off and when it comes to the third round of games some one with an unblemished record and feeling indestructible might get beat by the person who hasn’t tallied up a victory.
      One on one is so much different 3 on 2 or 3 vs 3 , what would happen if you had to win from one side and from the other against the same opponent to move on. A 3 game match at that point, high dice chooses or who had the most money at the end of each of their wars, combined total
      Hey we should all go on vacation at the same time and place and bring all your games

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    Let’s be clear about this right now, I am NOT buying you all plane tickets to come crash at my place for the tournament! lol.

    2v2 would be the highest we would go.  It’s hard enough making sure all three people on a side can communicate, then comes the hassel of vacations, classes, work, kids, sickness, etc, etc, etc.

    As with prior 2v2s there would be a limited number of turns you can play for your partner before a de facto forfiet.  As for a loser’s bracket, we shall see.

  • Where and when is the Tournament? How does one sign up to participate?
    Sargon the Assyrian

  • Darth Maximus has a 2012 tournament set up. Whether the format is going to be different or not I dont know. Check it out.  http://www.axisandallies.org/forums/index.php?topic=23313.0

  • How do we sign up!?

  • I voted for Alpha+3- singles only.  Though I might be willing to play with a partner- can we choose partners or what???
    Not interested in Alpha+2 no matter what, since its just gonna change anyway- should be released soon I would think.  Alpha+3 shouldn’t be too different since only a few NO changes will be done and little if any setup changes according to Larry.

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    I want to clarify, Alpha 3 votes will convert to Alpha 2 if Larry does not give us Alpha 3 until after the tournament starts.  However, he should have it out long before the tournament starts, I hope.

    Signups will have a new thread once we determine if we want partners (which can be fun, but trying if your partner get the Flu or has to go out of town!) or singles and which ruleset.  I won’t even start the thread until mid August at the earliest due to IRL stuff.

    Partners would have to partner up before enlisting in the tournament.  If there are singles that cannot find a partner, they can elect to be added to a list and I’ll pair them up, first come, first paired.  Assuming we go partners not solo.

    Teams would be:


    • Player 1: Germany/Italy
    • Player 2: Japan


    • Player 1: England, India, Australia, France
    • Player 2: Russia, America, China

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