"Cone of Silence"

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    Propaganda is a great part of the game!

  • I have won games as Axis by taunting the Allied players and creating a situation were by applying the right amount of pressure on one country then they feel like their allie is not committing enough troops to support them and there is a breakdown of cooperation between them. OH, then the fun starts. But as long as the primary focous of conversation is the game, its all good.

  • Hello,
    I am the organizer of the Portland group, and as such, came up with the idea of “the cone of silence”. In effect it means: noone may talk to the acting player during his turn and , the acting player may not talk to anyone except to ask rules related questions.
    This is in a attempt to allow each player to develop their own playing style, learn their own lessons(good or bad), and speed up play(quite conciderably by the way).
     In addition it results in mistakes(good or bad) that happen in a real war situation. Players are still allowed to discuss strategies or whatever during thier allies turn and during any of their opponents turns so absolutely none of the social interaction is lost. Give it a try(especially if you have 7+ players playing) and I think you will see the benefits.
    I am not trying to tell others how to play, but it has gotten us down to 1 hr or less per round and made for more interesting and diverse play. I dont believe anyone wants this game to digress to a set of preset maneuvers or battles that exclude any personal mistakes or “eurikas”. My 2 cents as a play group organizer. War on gentlemen!  8-)

  • Talking with allies is a must because for either side to win they have to have a plan. You can’t just add lib the entire game and expect to win. As for talking to other players that is just the fun in the game. Make them second guess their moves.

    Also when we play with newer players both sides offer good advice. Now that being said while it may be good advice its not always the BEST possible advice for the situation. Its still a good and valid move though.

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