AAG1940 Banking Program (Excel Spreadsheet)

  • I’ve created an Macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet for banking in Global '40. It keeps track of all the banks and has a calculator for purchasing units.


    You’ll need Excel 2007 (maybe 2003 will work, I’m not sure) to use this spreadsheet – make sure to enable macros.

    1. Download the spreadsheet.
    2. Rename the extension from .xls to .xlsm (I had to change it to upload it to this forum).
    3. Open the renamed spreadsheet.


    There are three macros within the spreadsheet: “ResetGame,” “EndTurn” and “PurchaseUnits.” “ResetGamr” resets all the game data to the Global 1940 starting positions, “EndTurn” advances to the next player’s turn, and “PurchaseUnits” sums up the purchase and subtracts it from your bank.

    At the beginning of each game, you’ll want to reset the banks. To do this, open up the macro menu (Alt-F8) and select “ResetGame”.

    Now that the game has started, Germany can enter in the number of each unit they’d like to purchase in column L. Once the purchases are finished, go to the macro menu and run “PurchaseUnits” or use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-P. If you make a mistake, you can always manually reset the current funds for the country (cell B4 for Germany, for instance) and redo the purchase. UK has separate banks for Europe and Pacific.

    When the UK’s turn comes up, the european purchases are made first, then Pacific. Hitting Ctrl-P for UK E makes that purchase and sets up the purchase area for UK P. UK P then loops back to UK E when you’re finished. If you make a mistake in one theater, finish the purchases for the other theater then you’ll automatically be back at the first theater.

    When all the purchases are done and combat has been resolved, make sure to adjust the Income and Bonus values for each country. Using the “EndTurn” macro (Ctrl-T) will add the income and bonus to the current bank and advance to the next country (remember to manually adjust the current funds for convoy disruptions and whatnot). Hitting Ctrl-T after France resets the country to Germany and advances the turn. If you make any mistakes or get lost, you can always manually enter the country and turn in cells C10 and D10 respectively (the cells with the country and turn in rows 15 and 16 are just for display, any adjustments need to be made in the smaller cells above).

    Remember that if you make any mistakes or need to adjust the setup at all, you make manual adjustments to the income, bonus, current funds, country or turn number.

    Other Features, Quirks:

    -Rows 19 and 20 contain the total incomes and banks for the two teams, giving a quick look at the overall economies.
    -The big cell around 24C gives my approximation of the year and season based on the turn number.
    -If you update the current funds for a country, it won’t immediately be reflected in the purchase section, even though when you hit Ctrl-P it will use the updated value. You can always manually enter it in cell K24 if you need it to help with your purchasing.

    I wrote this program to help out with my games, so it’s not extremely user-friendly. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or notice any mistakes.

  • My only suggestions are to add a legend for the macro commands so you can see what they are on the screen, and add purchase options for purchasing back damage, buying technology, or upgrading a minor to a major factory (20 IPCs).

    Looks great man, I’ll start thinking/using this and see if I can come up with some scripting that may help it along.  (ie like making the macros into buttons you click).

  • Customizer

    Hey, great code on this!  I added buttons real quick to eliminate the need for hotkeys.  (Sorry, but I already started customizing the colors and fonts on mine, too!)

    I never would have thought to do this, but this is awesome!  This runs great if you take the headings off and run it full screen in Excel.  Thanks again!


  • Thanks for the suggestions, Hamster. I was thinking about adding a “misc” row to the purchase sheet where you could just enter in the amount. I think that would take care of everything.

    Nice changes, bcguitars. I like the colors a lot, and the buttons are awesome. There should be a warning before reseting though, because I could see myself hitting that by mistake. I can put that in the next version.

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    Can anyone out there use this to program the macros for use on a Mac? I simply don’t know how to do this. The file will display for me, it’s just not able to “run visual basic macros”. Thank you in advance.

  • Hey Variable,

    All of the macros I wrote use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), a very Microsoft-y programming language. I’m not positive, but my guess is that VBA is not compatible with Macs. You may be out of luck, sorry…

  • Customizer

    Variable, what program are you using to open the spreadsheet?  Office 2004 for Macs supports VBA, but Office 2008 does not.  Microsoft has said that the next version of Office for Mac will support VBA again, but if you’ve got 2008, you’re SOL.

  • @Variable:

    Can anyone out there use this to program the macros for use on a Mac? I simply don’t know how to do this. The file will display for me, it’s just not able to “run visual basic macros”. Thank you in advance.

    I have a MacBook loaded with Office 2008 and the VBA macros do not work with that software version.

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    2008 for me. Guess that = SOL…

  • I get the error message "Invalid or Deleted File. " when I try to download version 2.0.

  • I also have the latest macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet available if anybody wants that. It keeps track of Income, Bonuses, and Banks and has a calculator for unit purchases. It also archives the banks at the end of each turn and creates a graph, so you can review the progress of each country in the game.

  • '14 '13


  • Is the spreadsheet up to date with 2e rules?

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