• Could we make up a map for a WW I variation with the US East Coast, the Atlantic and most of Europe, the Med, and a part of Africa?  With that, I believe we could use only Infantry & Artillery, Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers, transports and Submarines from the curent vintage of A&A to make a playable WW I game.  I think we might need some chips to indicate bunkers, trenches and machine guns, but it seems well within our grasp.

    Does anybody have a link to a map they would recommend?

    What nations should be represented in that game?

  • IL made a WW1 game

  • @calvinhobbesliker:

    IL made a WW1 game

    Ya it’s called the great war. It as historical technologies, 8 players, and historical neutrals.

  • I couldn’t open his files to check out his map.  Does require more materials than a new map?  I realize folks like him couldn’t stand to use A&A pieces from WWI.

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    Why cant you open the map file… its PDF.

    I have a custom painted WW1 set for that game. Very high quality all metals… even various artillery

  • Did you rob a few Risk games to do it?

    Where do you go to get WWI mini soldiers?

  • The problem with a WWI game is that you need to make a major investment to get the pieces (both in time and money).

    If you’re anything like me you’ll want all the pieces to really look the part so you’ll need biplanes, zeppelins, tanks, all new infantry, artillery, all new naval units.

    You can use micro armour or naval miniatures for most of this stuff (1:72 plastics for the infantry) but then you’ll have to paint them all (perhaps to match some plastic pieces you’ve got). Also, this can get really expensive.

    Lets face it there is no easy way to produce a complete and uniform looking set of WWI pieces for a strategic game.

    The question is how badly do you want to play a WWI game?

    This is why I’m concentrating my creative efforts on producing maps and variant rules for pieces that already exist.

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    Well sort of…

    using the AA42 Infantry, you buy table tactics Central Powers and add in the missing naval with AA42.

    For Air you need metal biplanes and Zeppelins.

    Or if you want a upgraded set up, then buy HAT 1/72 plastic in 6 different sets : UK ( Use them for USA too), Germany, Russia, Turks, Austrians ( use them for Italy too), and France,

  • @cminke:

    il can you post some picks? it wont let me see the pieces

    Cminke why does your post count decrease it was at 55 last time I checked.

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    We have a three strikes and out rule here. Three major spelling errors of simple words and lots of  :x 😛 :oops: :x 8-) :evil: :roll: and waaa!!!%%&$%$**( = deleted post).

    Consider this Baseball except with syntax.

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