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    As many of you know I have a group of guy’s that I play Axis and Allies World at War with. I thought it would be fun to post some of the game histories here. They are usualy written by me or someone else in the group in story or news brief form.

    Feel free to comment.

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    This was written after our first game, about a year and a half ago. It was actualy Axis and Allies Original, but this is the first and only time we played the original version. I should mention that it was played over the course of two days on two different weekends, aproxamately 24 hours of total time.

    By Stuart,

    Hey gang,
    Well, it was a helluva fight, but in the end, the Allies just couldn’t defeat the more economically stable Axis powers. John played very aggressively to rid the world of communists and with the help of an almost crushed Reich, it almost happened. However, it was the Germans on the rebound that finally took Ivan out.
    Kudos go out to Red for not only masterminding a feint into Africa when actually he was setting up for an amphibious assault of Karelia and then into Russia to take it back. Also, he put up a brave blocking force to keep the Nips out of Africa from the Middle East. All brave souls were lost save for a few bomber crews and a flight of B-17’s.
    Kevin bounced back from certain defeat keeping the Germans alive and well enough to support another successful assault on Moscow by the slant eyes this time. He never did get his ships back, however. Damn Limeys. As for me. I dunno. That second day I wasn’t at my best. The Russians tried to harass the damn Japs to keep them from mounting an invasion into Russia, but maybe I should have just “fought in a different direction.” (I don’t like to say retreat) Some Marine General said that in Korea I think. I spose I did hinder them to a large degree, however, I believe I wasted more resources then I could afford. I needed those units to defend. Such is the dice sometimes. And the Brits, well, I cant say that they did anything wonderful. Maybe one of you can help me remember something they did. Well, then again, I was able to demolish the Kriegsmarine. Kevin never was able to put his wolf pack to use or even attempt to put Operation Sea Lion into effect and make an invasion into a usually uninhabited England. In the end, however, I think the best individual player this game would have to go to John. I wanted to say Red with some great saves, but John played Japan well and was the one who brought the Allies down. I cant wait to get together again. We may just have to make it an all nighter.

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    This game was played May 5th of last year. Again this is an account by Stuart.


    Germany - Kevin
    United Kingdom - Carl
    Free French - Joseph
    Japan - Jon
    USSR - Stuart
    United States - Red
    China - Joseph

    War erupts

    It was a helluva battle, but in the end, it came down to great team work and the Allies prevailed.

    Kevin started things off by using his German double impulse, beautifully. By the end of turn 1, his Kriegsmarine had nearly destroyed Carl’s Royal Navy and the Wehrmacht had taken half of Africa. In addition, Joseph’s French Navy decided to join the German High Seas Fleet, rather than scuttle enabling Kevin to pump troops and panzers into Africa at an alarming rate which he did.
    Carl’s Limeys had a bloody time of it staving off the German onslaught, but to his credit, the Brits even managed to make continuous raids into Mozambique and Egypt interrupting German efficiency. For 15 months, her majesty’s armed forces held back the Nazi’s with little aid. (Most of Red’s American Lend Lease money was either lost at sea at the hands of the wolf packs or plundered by the High Seas Fleet.
    As Usual, Jon played a very aggressive Japan using his double impulse during the first turn to ALMOST completely overrun all of China save for one territory. (Cant remember name of particular territory–the one above Tibet) This brings me to my shining moment. I decided that in order to keep Japan from overrunning all of China with a clear road into Tibet that my Russians would have to conquer said last Chinese territory. The attack was a success. (Sorry Joseph. It had to be done) Japan was now unable to advance any further into Asia for the time being and it was I with the clear road into Tibet. This blocking maneuver also kept Japan from creating an even longer border with Mother Russia. During this time, the Ruskies also took hold of Arabian territories eliminating the German threat of influence over Turkey while increasing Russian production which would be needed later.
    With Japan stalled in Asia and unable to enter the war, until turn 6, Jon was itching for a fight. On turn 5, I gave it to him. The Russians waltzed unopposed into Mongolia claiming it for herself. Jon began a major Japanese buildup on my Southern border and Kevin began perching panzergrenadiers and SS panzers on the “Eastern Front.” Russia was caught between Axis pinschers.
    The Allies needed to buy time for the Soviets. We created a diversion by talking out loud that we had a major objective in Thailand. Jon’s Imperial Navy soon was on the go down the SouthEast Asian coast to stop Dutch landings into Thailand in support of an already flanked British Army. What a break for the Allies. We were sure an invasion was coming into the Soviet Far east to support an invasion by a huge Japanese armored force that by now was in Khazak getting ready to go into Russia herself. The attack into the Motherland failed, however, at a huge price. She was in no shape to fight off the SS Panzers now in Russian territories pursed for an attack. Russia needed more time.
    Ahh, I almost forgot. Whilst the Imperial Navy was down south, a solitary American transport with green US infantry managed to take a Japan that was defended by a single Japanese paratroop division. Even though the odds were in favor of the defending Nips., Red secured a beachhead. It was short lived, however. Yamamoto came steaming back and decimated the American infantry division before all Japanese forces could be wiped off the map, literally. The Americans hardly had a chance.
    Red’s American fleet was on its way to invade Italy, when Hitler had influenced Spain to join the Axis and also was able to capture fortress Gibraltar with ease thus preventing an American passage through the Gibraltar straits. Kevin also planted a transport in the Mediterranean further delaying American passage and thus delaying an American invasion fortress Europe. It was a superb blocking tactic by Kevin. I don’t think any of us saw it coming. While Red’s Atlantic fleet was stalled, Jon used this advantage to kamikaze American carriers. The very economically stable Red, just kept right on buying American carriers.
    At this point, it wasn’t looking good for Ivan. Operation Barbarossa was about to succeed when Red pulled another rabbit out of his hat. He suggested that Stalin use all of his armor to counter attack the Germans where they were weakest in Orel. This attack succeeded and now most of the German SS panzers and panzergrenadiers were unable to blitz into Moscow. Just what she needed. Shortly thereafter, a combined British/American invasion on the beaches of Normandy created the 2nd front that Stalin desperately needed. From there, the rest is in the history books.
    I wish I could say more about Joseph, however, with China out for the count and the Free French with nary a Franc, it was difficult for him to shine. I am sure that he will amaze us in games to come.

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