• @jim010:

    You can find the game here on Fieldmarshallgames’ site:


    Thanks Jim! Pacific isn’t available yet?

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    I have a map and rules, and a set-up for spring 1941, but it needs much playtesting.

    I have been working on this for well over a decade, but most of the testing went to Europe.

    I am in the middle of testing out the 41 set-up, and then will come up with 39, and maybe a 37.

    I am also looking into a spring 1943 start for both Europe and Pacific for shorter games.  Europe would start at the the point where the Russian offensive in the south has ended.  Will you counter attack at Kursk?  Will you wait until summer to build up and then attack?  Japan would be before Midway.

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    I had a couple of e-mails asking this, so I’ll post an answer here:

    I can print this and have it laminated.  It would be shipped in a tube.  I would also include the the instructions in a coiled booklet, and the set-up charts.

    I’ll check price, but last time I did this it cost me $85 Cdn + shipping from Canada.


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    Map and rules have been revised.

    Check for details.

  • Hey Jim I like these rules and map. Real top notch. Specially like the rules for russian winter and supply. Also I’m a fan on the 1939 starting point. However I believe you mentioned something about you could play this with just a Europe 1940 board. Do you have rules for that? Even just a setup would be nice. Don’t trouble yourself though, I’m okay if you don’t want to convert it.

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    Give me your e-mail.

    I have been talking with a company that could help out with marketing this.  I can have maps mounted on hard cardstock, and folding, just like Avalonhill’s maps.

    It seems I could sell these for ~$40 with colour instructions.  Investment on my part is doable, but I’d need to make a run of 500.  I’ve been toying with this, but interest doesn’t seem high?

  • Hey I aint got no money for investing lol. No I was just wondering if you have a version for the Europe board. PM it to me

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    You misunderstood me.

    My question was in general to everyone.  Would people be willing to buy a hard mounted folding map of this with revised graphics, a colour rule book, cardboard tokens and markers?  If so, I’ll have them produced.  If there is no interest, then I wouldn’t bother.

    As for a set-up, go to FMG’s website.  You’ll find everything you need to play on his site under downloads.  PMing does not allow for attachments, so I can’t send you anything that way.

  • Theres a setup that uses the Avalon Hill 1940 Europe board? I must have missed it then. Anyway I aint no buisnessman but maybe you should try making a deal with FMG or HBG. Or make your own company. Its all your descion but just because I like your game doesn’t mean everyone will. And I won’t be purchaseing it anytime soon I might just print out a copy and glue it on some cardboard reckneck style. Anyway good luck on any of your choices.

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    I see what you are getting at now.  My game is a stand alone.  It is not connected to Avalonhill’s game.

    I have no set-up for AAE40.

  • Too bad. Do you mind if I make a conversion? Just kinda alter rules. Finland and Archangle are wooded, Trans-Jordon, Syria, Iraq are the Middle Eastern front ect.

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    Too bad. Do you mind if I make a conversion? Just kinda alter rules. Finland and Archangle are wooded, Trans-Jordon, Syria, Iraq are the Middle Eastern front ect.

    Are you talking about my map or Avalonhill’s?

    In my map, they are wooded.

    And Syria, Transjordan etc are in the middle east front.

  • No I mean make these rules for the Avalon hill map. In other words finland would be wooded and Syria would be part of the Middle Eastern Front ect.

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    Using terrain on Avalonhill’s map could be problelamtic, as the spaces in their game represent a very large area.

    I think Avalonhill’s game is meant to be what it is - a simple military game with a World War II ‘look and feel’.  It was never meant to be a simulation.

    Ignoring my game for a moment, I would look to GMT as a step up from Axis & Allies.  From there, I really quite enjoy Rise and Decline of the Third Reich (which is where I got my inspiration.

  • Hey Jim. I was wondering when were gonna see Pacific. You have Europe on Field Marshal Games but not Pacific. Whats the deal? Also why don’t you make this as a mod for the module? It’d be a great game.

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    I have it, but am holding onto it for further playtesting on the set-ups.

    Europe is being slightly changed in terms of the map, and there will be some minor additions to the rules.  These changes will probably be part of the map/rule package I am looking into producing.  Pacific would be released this way as well if all falls together.


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