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    Below is the link to the current map setup. As I Update this Map I will put a new link in this post

    http://www.mediafire.com/?4ep0ezl1mvo–- See notes on last Page of old Thread

    Set up charts will be posted later this week, along with updated map with correct IPC values

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    Rules of Global War- non 1939 varient

    Turn Order


    Turn Phases
    a.Cap fighters return
    b.Tech rolls may be purchased
    c.Purchase units
    d.Combat move
    e. Non Combat move
    f. Cap fighters may move
    g. collect $
    end of turn

    Industrial Complexes-
    Capitol Cities- = to IPC total +5
    Non Capitol Cities- Equal to IPC value of Territory, ie. Western Europe=6 IPC,= 6 units can be produced max

    Railways- Inf. + Arty. may move 2 spaces instead of 1 during their Noncombat move. A unit must start on the Railway to gain benifit from it. Any newly captured section of road may be used the same turn that it was captured.

    Unit values and costs, same as revised.
    Tanks defend on 3
    fighter cost 10

    Country Specific rules

    *China- may only produce Infantry. If China’s Fighter is lost, China may not rebuild it.
              May build 1 tank every 3rd turn
    *US- If China loses it’s Fighter, the US may replace it during his or her (US’s) mobilize new unit phase.

    Navel Bases work the same way they do in AAP

    Air Bases Same as AAP

    Convoy boxes, Work the same as AAE

    Combat Air Patrol- AAP

    Strategic Raiding- Max $ amount able to take is = to territory $ value. Fighters in the defending zone may attempt to intercept Bombers. The Def. fighters hit on a 2 or less.Intercepting fighters May not defend against any land attacks made this turn, Escorting fighters may not make any other attacks this turn.  The bombers may have escorts that can try to defend the bombers, the Escorts hit on a 2 or less. The combat only lasts 1 round, any surviving bombers may perform their raid. The defending AA shoots before the air combat takes place.

    Set up: this is assuming you have AAR, AAP, AAE, BoB, D-Day, + Original game
    Germany- AAR, BoB-germans
    United kindom- AAR,AAP,  If you have both games you will have just enough Destroyers to set up. I use AAR pieces for European theatre and the Darker AAP pieces for the Pacific Theatre  🙂
    United States- AAR, AAP
    China- Use US pieces from Original, (Different shade of green) otherwise US pieces will do.
    Japan- AAP, mine are red
    Italy- AAR Japan- it’s the best choice and only really, mine are orangeish yellow
    US- AAR, AAE, AAP, BoB, or D-Day will do, there all green
    Russia- AAR or AAE, AAR for boats and AAE for rest.
    Neutrals- D-Day British Pieces, Mine are white

    As far as National Advantages and Techs, we have tried Different Ideas but this seems to work the Best for Us.

    National Advantages

    1. Non Aggression Treaty- AAR- Except instead of 4 inf. Place 6 instead.
    2. Soviet Winter AAR
    3. Guards Tank Brigades- Tanks defending in Moscow, Stalingrad, and Lenin Grad Defend on 4
    4. Salvage- AAR
    5. Lend Lease- Any Allied Units within a space(or ships Next too) containing Russian Complex, other then    Infantry may be transfered to Russian pieces during his or her(Russia) Units placement Phase.
    6.Mobile Industry- AAR

    1. Common Wealth Troops- You may Place 1 free Infantry(does not count against Build limit) in any UK space containing a Ind. Complex during Mobilize new units
    2. Q- Ships- Any UK Transport or Fleet that contains a UK Transport, That is attacked by a submarine or a Fleet with Submarines may be declared a Q-Ship. Transport declared as not a Q-Ship Defend Normally.
    Q-Ships Defend on a 2 but can only hit Subs.
    3. Joint Strike AAR
    4. Mid East Oil-AAR - (will put in territories when map is done.)
    5. Collonial Garrison-AAR
    6. French Resistance- AAR, same rule apply’s but too 3 territories, Vichy France, Western France, France


    1. Marines- AAR
    2. Mechanized Inf. AAR
    3. Flying Fortresses Your Bombers May Defend Against Enemy interceptors they hit on a 1
    4. Liberty Ships- Transports cost $1 less
    5. Island Bases- Any Island Owned by the US and that does not already have an Airbase, Treat as if it did. Apply’s to US player only.
    6. Fast Carriers- AAR.

    1. U-Boat Program- Subs cost 6 IPC’s
    2. Atlantik Wall- AAR,–- Not AfriKa
    3. Panzer Blitz- AAR
    4. Wolf Packs- AAR
    5. Luftwaffe Dive Bombers- AAR----As Bomber Escorts, this is Useful now
    6. Fortress Europe- AAR

    1. Tokyo Express- AAR
    2. Kamikaze’s- Costs 5, has an Attack range of 1, Non Combat of 4, Attacks on a 2, Defends at 0. May declare any ship as a target. Kamikaze is a prilimanary Bombardment weapon and is removed as a casualty in the opening fire step.
    3. Kaiten Torpedo’s- AAR, except the sub does not have to be adjacent to a friendly territory or island
    4. Dug In Defenders- AAR this includes Japan itself.
    5. Banzai Attacks- AAR
    6. Lightning Assaults- AAR

    1. Marina Regina- Addition navel units added to set up

    Tech Tree.
    We use a 10 tech tree for this map, so you’ll need at least 1 D10
    I’m sure you’ll have already seen most of these before:
    1.Jet Fighters AAR (except may not land on carriers)
    2.Rockets- AAR
    3.Super Subs-AAR
    4.Long range Aircraft-AAR
    5.Combined Bombardment-AAR
    7.Armoured Flight Deck- Your Carriers can now support Jet Fighters
    8. Heavy Bombers-AAR
    9. Longe range Artillery- Defending Artillery Get a Preliminary Bombardment at 1. Artillery Adjacent to a territory that is being attacked by you may “soften the target” For every land unit particapating in the Attack, 1 Artillery may support from an adjacent territory, This is also a Preliminary Bombardment. This is to prevent from 1 Infantry Attacking and 30 Arty’s Shelling, since only 1 Infantry attacked, only 1 Arty can Support. There is no International supporting each other. ie US inf supported by LRA from UK.
    exception- Joint strike

    10- Industrial Tech- Roll a D6.
    1-2 Land units are $1 Cheaper
    3-4 Sea Units are $1 Cheaper- BB is $2 less
    5-6 Air Units are $1Cheaper

    Be Patient, More to come with Full map release

  • '17 '16 '15 Organizer '14 Customizer '13 '12 '11 '10

    thats pretty simple.

  • @Deaths:

    Italy- AAR Japan- it’s the best choice and only really, mine are orangeish yellow

    I am very lucky in this respect… I have an original MB set where the Germans were dark green and the Americans grey… thus, my dark green Germans and old-school tanks make for good Italians. The Grey American infantry make neat Chinese units - or US supplied nuetrals.

    I have to admit now to rumaging around charity shops as you sometimes find little gems like that.

    Awesome map… if only it didn’t cost £125 to get them printed in the UK!!!

  • A0 costs AUD $85 to print here. (cheaper small store price) And then you got to laminate it…

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    I spent $80 to print original Map and Set up Charts. It’s Printed on High quality Photo paper and I chose non  glossy.(I’m glad I did) Was well worth the investment. When all is said and done, and you play often, It is well worth the investment. Chances are you have already spent more $ on your AA board games, and here’s the missing link, a map that brings them all together.

    I love my map,  Thanks Positronica

    The 1939 Varient will cost slighty more because of the overlays being printed also.

    The best part is when War at Sea set II comes out. Then you can use your Land Mini’s + WaS Mini’s instead of the little plastic boats.  I enlarged the map already to Accomodate the Change in Piece size. It needed a little stretching anyway. 😉

    The only Pieces I have to Hand craft will be Russian Naval and a German and Italian Carrier and Russian Aircraft. But these will come out in later sets.

    Then you can go to a D12 system and really go nuts.  So my 5 Panzer IV’s, 1x King Tiger, 1x Tiger I, 2HMG’s and 15 SS Grenadiers can attack your 10x Partisans, 8x PPsh 41’s, 2 T-34/76, and 3x T-34/85’s

    Summer is not getting here soon enough.

  • Yeah definitely not glossy gloss. “Matte gloss” or Satin is the way to go.
    Glare is very annoying.

    I print my own maps. Had some headaches trying to buy the right paper.
    Its not as pretty but its convenient.
    I divide it to A4. If your printer/driver/software is not precise enough it’ll look bad.
    Good thing is that changes are cheap. Just switch the particular A4.
    Transport is also easy.

    I considered making a realistic map. (plenty of free illustrator maps on the net).
    For that I might fork out for A0 printing.
    On second though, a realistic map with enough room for Europe is gonna to be bigger than A0.

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    Updated rules  Part

  • @tekkyy:

    I divide it to A4. If your printer/driver/software is not precise enough it’ll look bad.
    Good thing is that changes are cheap. Just switch the particular A4.

    Is this easy to do…?

  • Yeah its not hard. Many programs you can do that.
    I use “Image Splitter”.

    You have to note the aspect ratio.
    The latest file is 22MB and 6750 x 3204. A4 is 297 x 210
    You arrange padding (white border) as you like.
    And then just print all the image pieces with “borderless” setting on your printer.

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    Since the convoys on the map are boxes (like AAE) instead of integral to the sea zones (like AAP), I don’t see that the AAP rules could apply.

    You are correct, that was a Typo, Use AAE rules sorry

    As per AAP Rules
    Establishing a Combat Air Patrol.
    During the Non Combat movement phase You may Initiate a CAP by moving fighter planes that have not moved this turn from any territory to an adjacent Sea zone. How ever a CAP fighter may not be moved  to a sea zone which the presence of enemy pieces would cause combat. During the Enemy’s turn, The CAP will stop all Navel movement,except subs from moving through the Sea Zone. Navel units that move into the sea zone must stop, and a battle will be fought, Enemy Air units may Fly though the Sea Zone without having to stop for the CAP

    As for "CAP"ing land territories, you can send fighter interceptors after Raiding Parties. thats about it.

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    Updated with Tech Tree

  • 2007 AAR League

    Well done Death for finishing this project, now to only find someone to play it with……
    Shame you couldn’t play it using a program such as abattlemap.

  • 2007 AAR League

    I don’t mean to be picky, but being a proud Australian was there any reason why Victoria was left off the South Eastern tip of Australia
    ( And the island State of Tasmania for that matter. )

  • Hey I am from Australia too!

    With game maps, often not every state or country are represented explicitly. Territories are just regions.
    Though it happens territories on the Australian continent all use Australian state names and Victoria is left out.

    To be highly accurate you would have to use a real map.
    So far I’ve only seen two Axis and Allies maps that used real maps.

    (Dagon81, 2007) http://www.axisandallies.org/forums/index.php?topic=10532.0
    (swinters, 2002) http://www.basesproduced.com/aaa.html

  • Moderator

    Um sorry, wasn’t trying to forget anyone.  :oops:  I can try to draw in Tasmania but would be near impossible without the original file from Positronica. Plus it would probably look stupid with the way I draw.

    What you see is not the finished Product BTW

  • My first post to the site…

    Went through this and the previous thread on this project.

    Some great work by Deaths Head…thanks for picking up the torch!

    Is there an ETA on when the final map/set up charts etc. will be available for download?

    Dying to playtest during Xmas break…

  • Moderator

    OK Sorry about the Lost time on this one.

    My group has been doing Extensive Playtesting with this map, We are learning as we go, and I am Happy to say that it is all done!!!

    The only prob is I need to pick up some disks  to save this file to so I can share it with all of you.

  • tell us your findings in your last playtestings!

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    The two Biggest Changes we have found to be the best Fit.

    Weaken Germany starting land force a little bit while increasing their Starting Wage,
    Germany got a few Additional Sea Units.
    Otherwise if Germany really wanted to focus 110% on  russia, game will be over before the Allies ever get rolling.
    Someone had Suggested a Factory in Romania, We put one there. Romania was one of Germany’s Biggest Contributers as far as Men and Material go.

    Russia, Gave them a few extra Men at the start,they need them, add 2-3 Aditional Factories on top of their 3 already.

    These 2 changes alone make for a better game.

    Other things

    China, originally we played that china could only build men. and the US could replace it’s fighter for them.
    We decided that china could build  1 tank every other round. and men Only
    and of course the US could pay for their fighter. During the US Buy Phase they would Give China the $10 ipcs.  China could only spend that $10 on a fighter. and the fighter counted against build limit.

    Italy, we gave them another BB to start with and a couple extra units in Italy. Other wise they are to Sluggish going

    UK- They start with 4 Factories already so we gave them a 4th one in S. Africa
    UK doesn’t lose Afrika as easily now
    we also Pumped up UK’s Navy a tad.

    Japan, Nothing needs to be done here. Many people are going, what? at this point.
    Japan Has a real struggle on her hands, 3 different enemies in her back yard.

    The sea Zones and their convoy zones and Anchors are coherient, or make sense.

    The Addition of the Sahara makes Fighting in Afrika a sticky situation at times.
    All countries Navies gained a few Units.
    we restricted amerika in a way.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, very important.
    While playing the game it is Much more Dynamic if you USe these rules from AAP and AAE

    Aircraft vs Sub
    Aircraft may not shoot at subs unless a friendly destroyer is present.
    Use the C.A.P and Interceptor rules also.

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    Another thing, we started to lean to the idea that IC’s could only produce = to their land space value. this also included capitol spaces.

    that was another good reason for the IC expansion.

  • I can get the map to down load but it will not save anywhere…disk, desktop, computer?  Any help? I have a bunch of friends who want to play this!

  • I have a good idea to make big maps.
    Copy the image into publisher and in settings choose overlapping and you will get a pretty fine result.
    Finally laminate it with the transperant material you cover around books.

    kind regards niels

  • Does anyone have the setup charts for the latest version of this map?

    The last set I have are from the original Positronica version of the map, which has gone through many revisions.

    Any info would be much appreciated…

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    Check New thread,

    Game completed

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