Doomsday Chicken in Axis and Allies

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    This is a very different game but its got alot of laughs for anybody who tries it.

    Every once in a while my gaming group will take any version of AA and add these rules:

    Needed: plastic chicken

    The chicken start with one move per turn over land and two over water. Its movement is determined by dice by placing dice or numbered chips equal to all spaces that the chicken can possibly move into and it can never move back in the space it cam from. You need to track its movement with some item to make sure it does not return into a space it already moved into ( we call these eggs)

    you roll the dice to see which space it enters and if it has a players pieces, it will fight to the death.

    Pieces roll normally but only count 1 result as a hit. The chicken rolls for each unit and if it rolls over the defending units defense value, that unit is destroyed. So infantry die on a 2-6, Tanks die on a 4-6, etc… when the chicken gets equal hits to its hit point in total its dead…

    The chicken has a specific number of actions per turn that is equal to its hit point count. Each attack costs 1 point, each additional movement costs 2 points. All players establish what the starting hit point will be… usually 8-10. The chicken normally moves just 1 space on land and 2 on sea, but a new technology can be acquired by players to control it for a finite number of turns. Players alternate controlling the Chicken, but if you obtain “control chicken technology” your able to send it to destroy the enemy for turns equal to 1D6. This means you can just send it to fight the enemy directly using its current hit point count to perform movement or combat.

    Once the turns that you control it are over, it returns to beserker status.

    Usually, in games players will start either moving away from this thing or prepare to attack it if it comes close. Alot of times the chicken just cleans up and the entire planet has to stop the war and fight it… leaving a very unique position to return to fighting… which is kinda the point of this. The Chicken disrupts the positional aspect of a players game, forcing them to play on the spot.

    If the chicken takes out a capital, it gets one D6 worth of new hit points to add to its ‘health’

    obviously you can use any figurine like Godzilla or whatnot. Even a giant Hitler miniature could work.

    The Chicken usually starts in South Africa.

  • Stay-Puft Marshmellow Man  :evil:

    re-puffs 1 hit point per turn!
    (all that lead eventually just pops right back out of his body with all of that padding  :D)

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