• I was playing with my friends last week when we decided to switch it up a bit. We decided to give japan China, Sinkiang, Mexico, the Western U.S., and all the countries in between. We then gave Britain Eastern U.S., Brazil, Panama, and the West Indies. After that we replace all the pieces on those territories with either British or Japanese pieces. This got rid of America altogether.
    The new starting income was:
    This seemed kind of unfair so we then made the teams:
    Japan vs. Russia & Germany vs.Britain

    We tried this and we got large land battles in East Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Russia. We also had large naval battles around Panama, Syria-Iraq, and the Mediterranean. Japan ended battling Britain over Persia, Caucasus, and Eastern Europe.
    We thought this was the most fun game of Axis and Allies any of us had ever played.

    Please give you opinion.

  • The W hemisphere is worth 31. 
    EUS  12
    WUS 10
    Mex    2
    ECan  3
    WCan  1
    Ala      2
    Pana  1

    Tot    31

    This is a swing of 62 for whichever side can take it. 
    Whoever gets E & W USA will win the game. 
    GBR has the edge due to to the short tran distance vs Jpn. to the arena.

  • The most even realignment I played w/friends (in the early 90’s ) was US+Ger.

    We had to let the US go first in the round to make it fair.  We played it 3 times.

    UK loses Can, but it is offset when Rus takes Sink and Chn.  You want Rus to take it because it is again on the front lines vs Ger.

  • Britain, and Japan keep their original territories, PLUS America’s territories. Also all the original industrial complexes, AA guns, and pieces are on the board.

  • It might be more fair to make it:
    1.  GBR / Jpn vs Rus/Ger
    2.  w/ Ger Restricted in round 1.

    or at least no capital attacks round 1.

  • Another way to make it more fair.  Give Japan all of the Western hemisphere US territories.

    The way you have it set up is:

    Ger + UK + 50 % of US.

    vs the original setup of GER + Jpn.

    In my estimation, Ger + (any other country) makes it an interesting and usually fair game.  Adding any more to that will unbalance the economics and/or require a military offset.  You may want to also shift the order of nations in the round to prevent the taking of capitals at the game outset.

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