• Rivers are hexside terrain, so can my Higgins boat move through them.
    P.S. how does the boat get there?
    Thanks new guy at the game

  • Hello, if I had a Higgins Boat, I would just put it in the river hex right away.  If, of corse, it is okay with the other players.  Hope this can help,

    Darth Revan

  • where I can find more information on this question?

  • Streams are definitely not water hexes. In fact, they aren’t hexes of any sort – they’re hexsides. No unit, including a Higgins Boat, ever ‘occupies’ a hexside.

    River hexes, such as those on the Pegasus maps, are full water hexes, so Higgins Boats can occupy and travel through those hexes.

    Higgins Boats, Amtracks, Sherman DDs, and Type 2 Ka-Mis can enter river hexes and bridge hexes. Normal stacking limits still apply, however, so if there’s a Higgins Boat under the bridge, you can’t park another Vehicle, friendly or enemy, on the bridge. Defensive fire occurs normally, regardless of whether units are on the river or on the bridge.

    (In other words, there’s no differentiation between being on the bridge and being under it. A Higgins Boat gets to treat it as water, a Tiger gets to treat it as road, and an Amtrack can treat it as road or water, at the player’s option. If that makes sense …)

  • There’s no more Higgins boats around. They left 10 years ago !

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