• Quick question.

    Assume that we’re playing the 1942 setup.  It’s Japan’s first turn.  Japan has a carrier in the Caroline Islands sea zone (SZ 51) and a fighter in Tokyo.  Japan wants to attack the Hawaii sea zone (SZ 53).  That sea zone is four spaces away from Tokyo.

    So Japan moves the fighter (and some other units) to SZ 53, but not the Caroline Islands carrier, which would be that fighter’s only possible landing space.  During non-combat movement, Japan will move the carrier to SZ 53, which is vulnerable to US attack, only if the fighter with zero movement remaining survives.  If it doesn’t, the carrier will move somewhere else.

    Is that permitted?  Or does the carrier HAVE TO move to SZ 53 during combat movement?

  • 2007 AAR League

    If the carrier is not going to be involved in combat, it doesn’t have to move during combat movement.  If the intent was to move it to the Hawaiian seazone to recover the fighter, that is done during non combat movement.  If the fighter doesn’t survive combat, you are not obligated to move the carrier there during non combat movement.  However the carrier can’t move elsewhere during combat movement because it has to be available to recover the fighter or else the fighter’s combat move would not be legal.

  • Thanks, that was what I thought too.  The thing that threw me for a loop was that I downloaded TripleA and it doesn’t look like they allow that sort of move, so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t playing it wrong all these years!  🙂

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