• Situation:
    Chinese fighter survives J1 at Yunnan (yes, I know  :roll:)
    Japs leaves 2 un escorted transports at sz61 (hey! who would think that Flying Tigers were going to survive!)

    Question: can Chinese Fighter attack those transports at sz 61 and land back at Yunnan?
    movement total is 4; fighter will land at Chinese owned territory… but it’s attacking outside China’s borders … on the sea though…

    so?  :?

  • Official Q&A

    No.  It can’t leave China.

  • Everything on page 10 of the rules indicates that this isn’t allowed:  Chinese range is colored differently on the board; Chinese infantry cannot be loaded onto transports; Kwangtung is the only non-Chinese territory they can move to; the AVG fighter is considered Chinese for purposes of movement and combat.

    Nice try though!  😉

  • besides what the rules say as just mentioend above, it is also specifically adressed in the appendix to the rules which you can find lots of links to here on this forum

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