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    I think its easier to do this:

    A) Each SBR hits on a factory reduces the IPC of the territory where the factory is in by ONE

    B) a nation can repair each point of damage also costing ONE

    C) Also the nation is capped for SBR damage equal to its IPC value of the territory (not double).

    D) the effects of repair occur on the turn following repair.

    example: On turn 2 Germany gets bombed for 8 IPC total, which results in 8 IPC lost, so she loses 8 IPC immediately. On turn 3 she repairs all 8 IPC ( reduce her total to be spent on new forces by 8 IPC)

    and on turn 4 Germany has full production each turn unless she gets bombed again.

    Much more simple IMO.

  • Germany will never be able to build units…  😮

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    Well it would only reduce Germany IPC by 10… This is not a rule about reduction in her capacity to buy units.

    Example: German player collects 40 IPC and she has one factory in Germany . It gets bombed for its full value. Germany now can either: 1) build 30 IPC worth of units EVERY TURN, or 2) repair by spending 10 IPC, which means they now get 20 IPC to spend on units, and the next turn they are back at 40 IPC  (30-10). Repair takes effect the following turn. Now if Germany buys say 2 factories ( 1 in france) now they can get SBR for a total potential of 16 IPC.

    a technology can be introduced called underground factories that limits SBR by 50%

  • IL,
    your suggestion seems a little complicated, so here is my suggestion for SBR/Rocket damage.

    In the forum, I’ve been reading a lot of grief about SBR/Rocket attacks being too powerful.  The opposite solution of limiting the total damage done per round to the territory’s IPC value seems a little too weak though, so here is my solution.

    Keep the OOB rules completely, but with only 1 minor change.  (According to the OOB rules, Germany’s IC with an IPC value of 10 may receive up to 20 damage counters.)  After damage has been dealt to this (or any other) IC, you still pay 1 IPC to remove 1 damage counter.  Here is the change.  To determine production capability of a damaged IC, divide the number of damage counters by 2 and round up (if needed), then subtract this number from the IPC value of the territory.

    So an example would be as follows:
    Germany’s IC has 13 damage counters on it, so the German player has 3 options.
    1.  Repair nothing and produce up to 3 units.  (13/2=6.5 rounds to 7 so 10-7=3)
    2.  Pay 13 IPCs to remove all of the damage counters resulting in full production capability of 10 units.
    3.  Pay X IPCs to remove some of the damage counters (for example- pay 7 IPCs) resulting in a total of 6 damage counters remaining which gives a production capability of 7 units.  (6/2=3 so 10-3=7)

    This allows you to produce the units that you need to but without having to fully repair the IC.

    I feel that this is a minimal (It stays very close to the game rules.) change, but I feel that this would go a long way towards solving the SBR/Rocket  situation.

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    my idea was outmoded by subsequent house rules i made in another thread. So its basically old information that no longer applies.

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