Impact of AA50 on AARHE Update

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    With the large amount of posts already flying about AA50, and its still two months out, what impact will that have on the AARHE updates we are working on?  BW still has many Qs that still need to be answered on his posts regarding individual country’s NAs.

    Should we hold off until the AA50 dust settles or are we still on track?  If we are still on track, I realize there are a large number of Qs on those posts.  Maybe you could answer just a few each day  😄

    Will AA50 influence  any changes to AARHE?  Or is it too early to tell.

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    The funny thing is if you look at the 1939 map and you read about how the A50 game seems to be about you easily conclude:

    Somebody must have gotten a bunch of ideas from AARHE and used some of these for the A50…which is fine. It was designed to be as complete as possible so people can rip from it and it can influence the coming pattern that emerges.

    I fully support AARHE and so does Tekkyy. I have provided everything you and Bierwagen asked, and but a few more items like the setup sheets your working on and those cards for NA…we should be complete except for minor clarifications that Tekkyy is doing.

    I think AARHE is way better than A50 or anything else w/o a doubt.  But if you want to as they say “turn off the brain” and play a very light treatment then A50 will also be played.

    Of course you know the coming storm must erupt and renew and i must again make a phase 4 map for this new game, or at a minimum create a AARHE rules catered deliberately for A50.

    The A50 already has flaws: no diplomacy, no defender retreats, not real new units, etc… these must be addressed.

    Id like to make a random card system for A50 and come up with a few minor things

    Id include: fighter-bombers, fortresses, mechanized infantry, heavy tanks, and dedicated airborne units.

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