• Greatings to you all

    Im new here and posting my first topic.

    I have a strategy with England in round 1

    The sub and transport from Australia attacks the Japanese Sub in Solomon along with the Fighter from the indian navy. When the fight is over i land on the American Carrier in Hawaii
    Then it can help defending on Pearl Harbour and sometimes give USA the chance of striking back on Japan imidiatly.
    Anyhow my Question to all the wise people is whether the American Fighter on Hawaii can Participate in the naval battle that Japan starts in Hawaii almost every times
    If so I can have 1 sub, 1 carrier and 3 fighters - a constellation that would give a even bigger chance of striking back in the USA turn

    Kind Regards

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    No.  The fighter on Hawaii itself cannot be used in the defense of SZ 52.

    However, the British Fighter that lands there can be used and is a common tactic used by other players.  Many players will even opt to kill off the aircraft carrier before killing defending fighters to increase the chance of doing serious damage to the enemy. (Surviving fighters can land on Hawaii if the attacker retreats, which is okay too, since those are fighters you would have lost otherwise.)

  • Thanks for taking your time on me

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    Thanks for taking your time on me

    Null perspiration, we all started out with one post at one time, hun.  Feel free to ask any question that pops into your head, or engage in any discussion.  We don’t bite, well, I do, but hey, what’s the fun of not biting, right? smile

  • So what? The British fighter can land on Hawaii? I thought that it couldn’t land on Hawaii if the Hawai-fleet was attacked by Japan. Man, have I been playing a bit like a dumb***.
    Thx for the info

  • If the attacker retreats and there is no more CV for the planes involved in the defense, all defending figs get one movement point to escape to friendly territory or SZ (if there is a carrier with capacity handy). Since Hawaii is US/Allied control, both the US fig and the Brit fig can land there.

    The same would apply in any other cases - say germans attack allied fleet in north sea protected by US planes. If CV is sunk then germans retreat, US planes could escape to UK (or any other adjacent allied territory) on germany’s turn.

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