• Hi all,

    I’ve just bought the game but have played it before.
    I’ve noticed that in the new unit placement sheets there are differences to the other game I’ve played and these don’t really make sense so I suppose there is an error in the priting.

    Can someone please give me the correct start unit placement for the UK and German navy?

    Thanks a lot

  • considering how these board games are mass produced, i would find it hard to believe that you managed to get a version with different unit starting placements than anyone else got. perhaps you played ‘axis and allies’ before but bought ‘axis and allies revised’ by accident? those games have different starting placements (as well as other differences). if you post specific grievances with the starting placements stated in your board game then people will be better able to tell you if there is an error in your copy of it.

  • You can also download the ABattleMap. There you can see the correct unit placement.


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