Rookie question about National Advantages

  • 2. Chinese Divisions
    The Chinese had three hundred divisions in 1942. President Roosevelt spent much of the war trying to get
    Chiang Kai-Shek to do something with them.
    During your mobilize new units phase, you may place one of your infantry for free in one of the following
    territories if you control it: China, Sinkiang, Kwangtung, or French Indochina.

    What does this mean? I understand the rest, but what does this one mean?

  • Just at the end of the US turn he puts 1 brand new infantry in one of those territories (he chooses which territory receives the free infantry). You don’t move an infantry from somewhere else; you simply get a free infantry there. The wording is very poor when it says “one of your infantry for free”; don’t take this to mean a teleport, just treat it as creating a new infantry there. It doesn’t interfere with mobilization limits, so if you had a factory in sinkiang you could deploy 2 men you bought this turn there, as well as choose to get the free infantry from this NA there as well.

  • Thank you so much. I was leaning towards that. But I thought it could also mean you could put a guy down without having a factory.

    Is it just me or are the US’s national advantages amazing?

  • Yes, the infantry you get is absolutely free and has nothing to do with setting one you bought or an existing one there. The wording is very stupid.

    Before you get all excited about the Allies’ advantages, check out this

    In the forums there is what’s called LHTR (larry harris tournament rules) in a pdf format. Larry is the guy who designed axis and allies; he and a team released official rule changes to correct and rebalance the rules out of the box. Many of the changes have to do with national advantages so check those out, some of the advantages will not be so amazing and some will be more amazing.

  • Thanks for the link. Wow, the Japanese Battleships are amazing, and I am glad that superfortresses are nolonger immune to AA fire. I will definintly use these rules. Thanks agian.

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