Playing with standard 2nd edition rules

  • I prefer to play as the axis, because the allies are a less exciting. I found japan needs to eliminate U.S. navy on Hawaii first turn; as well as build a IC on the Asia cost. And with a non-combat movement reinforce the country.With germany I defend against the U.K. with solders, use there planes to eliminate U.K.s Navy. I proceed to attack Russia and force them to fall back, and use there income to procure solders on Russia for defence.Though my problem is I cant seem to get japan though Asia quick enough to prevent Russia from fortifying to the point of a 3-4 turn stand of. what do I do?

  • surrender

  • Don’t buy that first turn IC…

  • how do I get a faster move on Russia, or should I focus my attention on another country?

  • Focus on New Zealand.

  • I apologize for question I found the answer further down the board in the japan strategy.

  • No need to apologize.We’re a great comedy team.

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    You want to get transports instead of ICs for the first couple of rounds.  Once you are filling and emptying 4 transports with equipment and you have money left over, then get your ICs.  Slow and steady wins the race!

    At the end of J1 you should have 4 Transports and enough equipment to fill all 4 of them. (Philippines 2 Infantry, Okinawa 1 Infantry, Wake Island 1 Infantry that’s 2 transports full right there, 2 infantry and a tank on Japan and you’re rockin.)

    You need to clear the US fleet, kill the US fighter in China.

    As for side-stepping or crushing the Russian wall in Yakut SSR, why not just invade Mongolia?  Costs 3 IPCs, you sustain no losses and you can now walk into Novosibirsk or force him to retreat giving you Yakut for free.

  • Good point, Jen.  Remember, being able to violate neutrality is a big benefit in Classic that you don’t have in Revised.  This also comes in handy as the Allies, when you attack Europe through Spain. 8-)

  • Actually let Germany violate neutrality in Mongolia it will open up the way for the Japs.

  • While you’re at it, Russia should violate neutrality in Argentina as well.

  • @Bashir:

    Actually let Germany violate neutrality in Mongolia it will open up the way for the Japs.

    actually, that can work.  i once had a russian opponent leave armor+air in nov, while stacking yak with inf.  germany overflew mongolia with a bomber (i think it was in aes at the time) leaving a nice open path for the japanese air+armour in manchuria to attack the russian units in nov.  since the british were unable to either retake mongolia or fortify nov the russians lost their entire airforce and some armor for the cost of 3ipcs and a few japanese armour.

  • Ok, good point, that does work pretty well, and the chances of a situation like that occuring is not insignificant. But it’s probably not going to be too often, still.

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    How are you getting a german unit to Mongolia???

    Or are you bidding 3 IPC to Manchuria for a GERMAN infantry to invade Mongolia with?

  • You can simply fly over a neutral, cough up 3 ipc’s, and its yours.

  • no, it doesn’t happen too often (almost never), but when opportunity knocks you have to be ready to open the door no matter how unconventional it might seem.

    jennifer - in germany’s combat they violate mongolian neutrality with a bomber for 3ipc leaving it empty but controlled by germany.  if england can’t occupy it with a ground unit then japan can blitz armour through and support with air to bypass a stacked yak.  neat trick if you can get it to work.

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    Wow, that’s going to put you in danger of 2 AA guns for no real gain for Japan or loss by the Allies.

  • See the big picture. If Germany violates neutrality on G2 it opens up numerous possibilities for the axis. Look at the board after a standard R2. Prolly a stack in Yakult or the already moved back to novo. If you move into mongolia with Japan you will pressure Russia faster or, if he stacked in Yakult you cut his precious forces off… The best way to trap him there is to leave little in Manch but not so much that he can easily take it. Russia will now think he is save in Yakult, holding on to that territory 1 turn more wich saves him 2 IPC’s. If he leaves his 5 inf and 1 arm in Yakult you can easily trap him in Monglia.
    The other way is that Russia retreats to novo on turn 2 where you can pressure him immedietly on J3 while taking Asia with ease. You can effectively put pressure on him, because your forces are not split as usual…

    I use this move as a standard Axis play… I either violate Mon’s or Swe’s neutrality, just to have some different games.

    Avin, I thought you understood why Ger should violate neutrality… And you make a stupid comment 😞 Where is DM when you need him 😉 He can prolly tell a lot about this subject.

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    What rule am I missing?  I thought violating neutrality with an air unit costs you 3 but doesn’t gain you control of the territory (thought you needed a land unit for that).

    Even if Germany doesn’t violate neutrality, couldn’t Japan still violate and blitz through to Novo the same turn?  Or do they have to stop once they violate?

    In my play group we haven’t really tried this tactic, so I’m a little shaky on these rules.  If someone could enlighten me I’d appreciate it.


  • rjclayton: You can’t blitz through a neutral territory on the turn that you violate it on. That’s the entire point of this discussion. Japan normally has to stop dead at Mongolia if they violate themselves. But if Germany violates, it allows Japan to get through easily.

    Bashir: I do see how it can be useful, but I think it’s a rare situation. Not as much as the comment I posted of course, which is why I conceded the point.

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    It can also be useful so Japan can land ftrs in Mon for defense.

    This happened in one of my last games with Agent.  IIRC, I had a solid Russian stack in Novo with additional armor in Mos that could have taken out a Japan move to Mongolia, but Agent overflew Mon with Ger, then with Japan he invaded and was able to land ftrs there giving himself the numerical advantage preventing the Russian counter.

    I generally play giving myslef the Mon option, but rarely go through with it as my Allied opponents usually see it coming.  With at least 2 inf bid to Man, I’ll take China heavy (all avail ground units), then unload in Man.  This gives you the Mon option to move about 11 inf to Mon on J2.  And if you do a Ger fly over that means 11 inf + ftrs, making it all but impossible for Russia to push you out if they didn’t prepare for it.

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    I’ve re-read the rules on violating neutrality…now this discussion makes sense!  Thanks.

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