• Glad you found the exception Cool.

    As for the AA, it would belong to the nation that took control of hte territory, just like any other captured AA, and would remain their until captured again by the enemy.

    And thank you to Scarface for the additional clarification.

    I assume we can put this to bed now 🙂

  • Ya, its almost to bed, in fact I thought it was after my last comment. Just a couple of things for Cystic Crypt. SUD is an arrogant bitch and I for one don’t really like nerd snobs. Thats why I got testy. As for the comment from scareface it really didn’t matter because I was looking at the IC as an aliies not an enemies. That was cleared up awhile ago.

  • @Scarface:

      " A captured enemy territory with an industrial complex will give you limited unit placement on your next turn. It will be equal to the territory’s IPC value.

    Scareface? Thats actually no problem Votswagon. You are uk, russia’s capital has gone down,you capture karelia from the germans. You have just captured an ENEMY territory!! GET IT!!! I don’t like your smug attitude either, when we are trying to answer your question!

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