Axis and Allies "Classic" 2nd Edition - x2 Player Aids

  • The following are player aids for Axis and Allies Classic, 2nd Edition. Both have self describing titles. Enjoy!

    Out-of-Box Optional Rules Checklist:

    Classic 2nd Edition, “Not-so-Obvious” Rules (with references):

  • Out-of-Box Optional Rules Checklist (if you don’t want to download the word doc)

    Axis and Allies “Classic” 2nd Edition

    Players should agree on the following optional rules (found on page 31) before starting the game:

    1. Total Victory?
      a) Yes
      b) No

    2. Placing Your Naval Units in Enemy Occupied Sea Zones?
      a) Yes
      b) No

    3. Weapons Development Benefits?
      a) Yes
      b) No

    4. Restricted Attack (Russia Restricted)?
      a) Yes
      b) No

    5. No New Complexes?
      a) Yes
      b) No

    6. An Individual Winner? (Page 22)
      a) Yes
      b) No

    *7) Strict Neutrals?
    a) Yes
    b) No

    *Imported from future editions of Axis and Allies, this rule is utilized to prevent the Allies from employing “Spanish Harlem”

  • Axis and Allies Classic, 2nd Edition
    “Not-so-Obvious” Rules List:

    1. “Stack” restriction – Players are restricted in the number of “stacks” they can create by the number of pieces that came in the original game. “Chipping” remains unrestricted. (Page 7, middle column)

    2. Column Rolling – In ALL combats, dice are rolled by individual column from lowest to highest. Casualties are applied BEFORE rolling the next column’s attack. (Page 18)

    3. During the COMBAT MOVEMENT PHASE, aircraft flying over a territory containing an enemy AA gun are fired upon as they fly over, even if they don’t end movement in that territory. (Page 13, right column)

    4. *Newly purchased naval units are not allowed to be placed in sea zones containing enemy naval units. (Page 21, middle column)

    5. If their original carrier was sunk, defending fighters may ONLY land on an island/island group or carrier in the same sea zone. Failure to do so results in elimination. (Page 15, left column)

    6. Armor MAY “blitz” through a territory containing an AA gun or Industrial Complex. (Rules Clarification, last page, middle column)
      a. AA guns still shoot at aircraft flying over their territory even after having been “blitzed” in this fashon. (Page 5, left column “combat is considered simultaneous”)

    7. The Suez Canal can only be utilized if both Anglo-Egypt Sudan and Syria/Iraq are controlled by your side at the BEGINNING of your turn. (, “the intent was always for the Suez to mimic the Panama Canal rules” -krieghund)

    *optional rule on page 31 removes this restriction

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