• How exactly is AA gun fire resolved during combat movement and combat?

    Well, I think I finally figured everything out after studying 2nd Ed. A&A, A&A Europe, A&A Pacific, various FAQs and house rules on the net. Even some of the official rules seem to contradict themselves so please speak up if you don’t agree!

    Here is my interpretation of what the rules are actually stating (between the lines as it were):

    1. There are two types of AA gun battles: flyovers and land attacks.

    2. Flyover battles are resolved during combat movement only and do not involve the battle board.

    3. Land attack battles are resolved during combat only and always involve the battle board.

    4. The same air unit may be involved in zero or more flyovers but only one land attack per turn.

    5. Each flyover battle is resolved independently for each air unit’s combat move.

    6. Flyover battles are resolved one at a time in order following the flight path of the air unit.

    7. When resolving a flyover battle, the attacker cannot choose casualties. Each plane is shot at
    once (one AA gun die per plane) and is removed if there is a hit.

    8. When resolving a land attack, the attacker is allowed to choose air unit casualties as per the
    rules. AA guns cannot target specific air units during a land attack battle.

    An example of an air unit would be 3 fighters. An air unit cannot contain mixed types.

  • See! It pays to read the rules!
    s_, congratulations! You are probbly the only person on the face of the Earth who has ever read and clearly(though impossible to do so succinctly)communicated the AA rules.
    . . . overwhelming and incontrovertible . . . - Xi

  • I believe the attacker still gets to choose his loses in what you refer to as fly overs. I interpret the rules as both sorts of battles being rolled the same. The AA gun fires on the planes, the casualties are removed, and the planes either fly to the next territory or stay and conduct an assualt on the land units (excluding the gun, AA cannot be destroyed).

  • @bossk:

    I believe the attacker still gets to choose his loses in what you refer to as fly overs.

    In the case of a flyover battle with an AA gun, the attacker could choose casualties but there isn’t much point. The reason being that you can only have a single air unit involved in the flyover battle as per rule #5 I stated above (i.e. one combat move). That means only one type of unit (either a fighter or a bomber) is present so there isn’t much point in choosing casualties.

    I think this is an exception to the general rule that the opposing force always chooses their casualties.

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