• I’m thinking about getting the A&A CD to play games on-line. My question is it worth it? And how is it played. Is it like playing War 3, where you can chat, and make your turns right there, or is it delayed where one person does something and then some time later that day or the next day the other person does their move.

    Also is the standard play 1-1 or 3-2? (5 players or 2) And finnaly is there really a lot of active play going on right now? Or do I have to hunt for people to play?

  • '19 Moderator

    There is a chat feature, asnd the turns are made instantly, games take anywhere from 30 min. to 3 Hours.

    You can get up to five players in a game.

    It has been awhile since I was on the Zone, but there were always between 30 and 100 people there when I looked. Games were fairly easy to get. The best way to insure you get games is to join an online club like Spring1942.

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