• Just revisiting this game after years away from it. I have the PC version without a CD and it runs so slow. Any tips on how to speed it up or am I just dealing with a PC generational gap? (OLD game on blazing XP newness) :lol: Anyway I can even get the patch to work?

  • You are not alone my friend.

    I have found the PC version of the game to lack in a few ways, some you can fix, and some you cannot. As for game play speed turn off all options that you don’t need, ie; cinimatics and newspaper. Turn the scroll rate to max, the dice rolling to whatever it is for quick, can’t recall which it is sorry, but I’m sure you see. The other thing to keep in mind that the more you are running on your PC the less resources it has to run the program, I find that if I close down everything and I do mean everything else it helps. The problem is the program not the computer. If you can keep the tasks one at a time, and let it finish one move before you start clicking for another you stand a much less chance in it going to the all to familiar blue screen of death.

    The challange that the computer offers is by no means top rate, however it is not a bad place to try new ideas. If you can grin and bear the wait at times, it nice to know that you’ll win


  • right click on the AA icon. go to compatibility mode. switch to 95, 98, etc. whichever works best.

    I just started playing Iron blitz and it seems 98 worked on my 500 XP machine.

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