• I have one question, can a transport move two spaces, load an infantry and another unit, and then offload into another terrority in the same sea zone?  For example, a japanese transport going from Sea Zone 36 and move to Sea Zone 60, load two infantry and unload into Buryatia in one turn.  I think it should work, but the person I’m playing with doesn’t think so.


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    Short answer: Yes it can!

    I do not have the exact rules reference, but it is a valid move.

    What is to be remembered about transport is that a transport may not move any further AFTER it has unloaded any unit/s. Loading and moving transports, however, do not hinder the transports from carrying out further duties in the same move (provided it does not exceed total loading or moving capacity of the unit).

    So that means that it is not legal to:
    A) load two units
    B) move 1st space
    C) unload 1st unit
    D) move 2nd space
    E) unload 2nd unit

    But it IS legal to perform the action you describe. Of course, if Buryatia is hostile, the entire move of the tranny, must take place in the Combat Phase of the Japanese player.


  • Thanks.

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    I just wish you could offload a transport to 2 different zones as long as they were in the same sea zone.

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    The old bridging rule…Yes, it was nice.
    You had to love being able to conquer two empty territories with only a TRN & 2 inf.

    It was a rule that almost exclusively favored the Allies, though, right? Just about the only time you would be wanting to utilise it as the Axis would be to capture an empty BRY & FAR as Japan in J1.

  • Actually, Japan could use it quite nicely also in Classic…
    Alaska and WCan
    Madagascar and UOSA or Kenya
    Syria and Egypt…

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    Yup.  It was changed without my consent, IMHO.  Even Hasbro kept it in!

    And really, it isn’t that crazy a rule.  After all, if you can load from two different sea zones, why can you not merely sail an extra 3 feet to off load in two different zones in the same sea zone?  (the border of Alaska/Canada is less then 3 feet, actually.)

  • Yes, you can do the move described in the first post (move, then load, then offload).

    I believe the theory behind not allowing transports to offload in two territories is the fact that deployment into significantly different areas will take time.  For example - if you have a division in Alaska, and another in Western Canada, and there are no enemies nearby, you could meet up halfway and get on a transport.  But if you are on a transport and offloading, that transport would have to sail to a different region to offload troops in any geographically significant other location.  So FUNCTIONALLY, the transport can only offload into one territory.

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