IPC's and liberater territory question

  • So I am in the middle of the longest game me and my buddy have every played, he has just taken Russian capital, but I am working on taking it back with America. (used the search function and couldn’t find a answer)

    My question is what happens to the IPC’s from Russian territory that America controls? Do they go to America? Do they go into a pool for Russia if its capital is liberated? Are they just wasted?

    Clarification on this point would help tremendously 😄

  • They go to America until Moscow is liberated

  • Ahh thanks, he was saying the opposite which I didn’t think was correct but couldn’t find anything in the rules and was worded strongly enough to disprove him

  • Calvin is right.

    Revised rulebook page 18, Liberating a territory.

    You can google and download it for free in case you lack yours.

  • I think you’ve got it. Just to clarify, for America to collect income for a Russian territory, America must liberate the territory from an Axis power. If Russia retains control of a territory and Moscow is Axis-held, nobody collects for it until an Axis power takes that territory.

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