Re: use of industrial complexes if friendly power's capital captured

  • Lets say Germany captures Moscow:

    1.    Can the allies mobilize units in any of Russia’s other industrial complexes’ territories (even though Russia controls them)? or just those terrirtories containing industrial complexes that might subsequently be “liberated” (if Germany/Japan captures them too)?

    2.    If just in those territories that are liberated after the capital is captured, can the allies mobilize units in any liberated territory (even if they don’t control that territory but are sharing it with the controlling allie power), or just liberated territory controlled by that allied power?

    eg. Germany captures Moscow, then Leningrad. UK recaptures/liberates Leningrad. Russia still controls Caracus
        2.1    Can the UK mobilize in Leningrad? (yes, on its next turn though) What about in Caracus (Rusian controlled and no UK units there)? What about Caracus if there are UK units there?
        2.2    Can the US mobilize in Leningrad (UK controlled and no US units there)? Caracus (Russian controlled and no US units there)? What about in either Leningrad or Caracus if US does have units there also?
        2.3    Who collects IPCs from Carcus ? (Russia of course, but if allies are also to mobilize there do they also collect IPCs from that territory too? What if they have own units there also ?, or not in which case it allows just for extra purchases and mobilization of units than they normally would be able too - IPC income permitting of course!??)
        2.4    Who collects IPCs from liberated Leningrad (UK of course while Moscow still under Germans, but if US is able to also mobilize units there can they too collect IPCs? what if they have US units there too?

  • 2007 AAR League

    1. - If Russia controls an Industrial Complex the Allies cannot build in them.
    2. - Only the Ally that liberated that territory can use that Industrial Complex assuming Moscow is still occupied.
    2.1 - UK can mobilize in Leningrad, UK cannot mobilize in Caucasus
    2.2 - No US cannot mobilize in Leningrade, US cannot mobilize in Caucasus, No not even if they have units there.
    2.3 - No one collects the IPCs because it is still Russian controlled and Russia cannot collect IPCs while Moscow is occupied.
    2.4 - UK collects the IPCs from Leningrad if they liberated it, no one else

  • 2007 AAR League

    That is to the best of my knowledge of course

  • Thanx AJGundam that has been a great help :-). I’m new to the game and was getting confused over the wording in the rule book… This makes sense now

    Just noticed, I kept referring to Caracus instead of Caucasus… what an idiot ;-)!!! but you knew what I meant …:-)

  • OK, going to post my verison…

    The only way that an IC from a fallen ally can be used is if the fomer aly’s IC is TAKEN from the ENEMY.  Then and only then may the SINGLE NATION that took control of that territory use that IC on subsequent turns, but only so long as the original ally’s capital is enemy held.  Once liberated, all original territories held by allies revert to their original nation.

  • Also, You can collect income from a liberated territory if the original owner’s capital is in enemy hands.

    Example, Germany captures Moscow, and is in control of Archangel but not Karelia.  USA invades German Archangel, conquering it, and also lands troops in Russian Karelia.  USA gets +2 income from Archangel and places a USA control marker there - it’s American now.  Karelia remains Russian and does not provide income to anyone.  Should Moscow be liberated at any point, all red territories with USA or UK control-markers in them revert to Russian control immediately.


  • Yep.

  • 2007 AAR League

    I thought I covered it all ….

  • You may have.

    And it was covered several times before in earlier threads.

    But since it keeps coming up, we rephrased just in case a different verbage was more easilly understood by different readers 🙂

  • 2007 AAR League

    I’ll hijack this one a little, or just expand on the question, depending on your viewpoint:

    In Classic, when a capital is captured, all empty territories that were owned by the fallen player changed ownership to the player capturing their capital.  Does this still happen in revised?

  • I am not aware of that being the rule, either in the rule book, or in the CDR version.

    It does NOT happen in Revised

  • 2007 AAR League


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