Please answer this VERY VERY Important question!!!

  • Just saying that the U.K. takes a German territory and then the U.S. land there and the U.K. pulls out so there are just U.S. men in that U.K. controlled territroy. Could the U.S. somehow put a Industrial Complex in that territory?

    Thanks in advance

  • No because it was the UK that took the territory so it becomes their property regardless of whether they leave troops there or not.

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    Exactly.  That’s why you should always try to set up a situation where you can take control by a nation you want to control the land.

    For instance, in my tournament game we started with russia taking it all, because they needed the income.  Then we switched to England because they needed the money and Russia pulled back into a support role.

    It’s the same here.  IF you want an American IC on W. Europe, then Brition should strafe (attack iwth enough to hurt, but not enough to conquer) and then have America hit a soft target and build the IC.

  • Exactly the only option in your situation would be to let the territory be taken by Germany and then land there with US boys again.

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