• situation is like this

    i have a industrial complex in moscow

    on his turn the german player conqueres my moscow territory and my IC
    on his turn the UK player reconqueres my moscow territory and my IC

    can i on my next turn normally buy units and use my IC as nothing has happened

  • You could buy units as usual in Moscow but you won’t have any money. The german takes all your money when taking your capital

  • Correct.

    If it were Caucuses that were taken and liberated, then yes, Russia could indeed build in Caucuses on their turn.

    But with a Capital loss…
    1.  You lose all of your cash to the enemy
    2.  The factor can be used, but you have no money to spend
    3.  You cannot get more money until you complete a turn and reach the “Collect Income” phase.

  • thank you

  • Your capital would ahve to be liberated first.

    If your capital is enemy held, you cannot collect income.

  • Is it you can’t collect income or is it that you don’t go through the collect income phase?  From what I’ve read it looks more like you don’t get to go through the collect income phase than it is, you just can’t get cash.

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