• I asked this in the tacked LHTR rules thread a few days ago but since no one answered I thought I would try it here. Sorry for the double post…

    I am new to the revised version of the game (used to play a lot in the 90’s) and have just discoverd the LHTR rule set. I have a 2 questions about the 2.0 ruleset.

    1. In Appendix II B. Phase 4. Part 1. page 33 (from the PDF on this site) it has the defending US sub submerge while an enemy destroyer is still in the fight, is this just a mistake? If not I don’t understand how the US sub can submerge.

    2. Also about subs, if the German sub in SZ 8 doesn’t move during G1 then there is no way the British transport from SZ 2 can conduct an amphibious assault on Algeria correct? Where I am getting confused is that the rules say

    If any submarine submerges, it is returned to the game board, and is placed on its side to indicate it is submerged. It remains submerged until the end of the noncombat move phase. The submarine then resurfaces regardless of whether enemy units are still there; this does not trigger combat. The presence of a submerged submarine does not make a sea zone hostile, so enemy sea units may move freely into or through any sea zone containing a submerged submarines, and enemy transports may load or offload there.

    If a fighter attacked the German sub in SZ 8 in UK1 and it submerged the battleship and transport from SZ 2 could move off the coast of Algeria (SZ 12) but only during the noncombat phase, do I have that right?

    If so the British attack on Algeria on UK1 (assuming the German sub is left in SZ 8 at the end of G1) looks like this:
    Combat move:
    A fighter from the UK attacks the German sub in SZ 8 to make it submerge or destroy it. At the same time the Eastern Canada transport takes the tank and amphibious assaults Algeria (I guess with the UK bomber and the AE fighter if it somehow survived)
    IF that works
    NonCombat move:
    Transport off UK (SZ 2) takes units from UK to the newly conquered Algeria?

    The reason I ask is it seems the sub is a small sacrifice for Germany to stop a British amphibious assault of Algeria during UK1.

    Thanks for fielding my rookie questions!

    ETA one more question, under Industrial Complexes it says:

    Usable by Invading Forces: If a territory is captured, an industrial complex there is also
    captured. The capturing player can use it on the turn after it is captured. Industrial complexes are
    never destroyed. You cannot place your new units at an industrial complex owned by a friendly
    power, unless its capital is in enemy hands.
    Even if you liberate a territory with an industrial
    complex in it, you cannot use the complex; the original controller can use it on his or her next

    This is a little confusing, so if Britian builds a complex in South Africa, Germany takes England, now that England is occupied the US can build at England’s South Africa complex?

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    I asked this in the tacked LHTR rules thread a few days ago but since no one answered I thought I would try it here. Sorry for the double post…

    Sorry, I just didn’t see there before.  I’ve answered in that thread.

  • Thanks, if you want to trash this thread that’s OK with me.

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