• Kay, in the rulebook, it says to resolve all air combat attacks first… does this mean that if I fly a fighter to (I think, but I cant tell, I dont have the board) Yakuts, and then you also do a ground attack of the one russian place touching japanese territory…

    now the question is, does the air combat resolving first force the USSR player to choose either using nonagression treaty or giving it up, in that territory?

    my friends and I found that this tactic pretty much destroys nonagression treaty, but we don’t know whether or not it is how it works

  • That question kinda hurt my head to read.

  • @Novosibirsk:

    That question kinda hurt my head to read.

    You have a head?

    lol srsly?

    The rulebook doesn’t say to resolve all air combats first.  The section you are referencing is about air units flying over territories with antiaircraft guns.

    Simply, you do NOT use a Jap fighter and infantry against a Russian territory as two separate attacks in the same turn.  They are considered ONE attack, and the attack triggers Nonaggression treaty.  If you attack with just one fighter, that triggers it.  If you attack with just one infantry, that triggers it.

    The only real ways I can think of to counter Nonaggression Treaty are to attack in overwhelming force, to attack with something expendable (like one infantry), or just ignore Russian territories in Asia and press on India, China, and Ssinkiang (when Russia walks in through the open door, you counterattack).

  • either way, the territory gets 4 more INF instantly. If a russian territory is attacked before a japanese territory is attacked (by russian troops) then that russian territory gets 4 INF. very simple. Either Avid is not “johnny on the spot” describing things, or I can’t make sense of what he is describing. Either way, my head hurts.  😞

  • Avid,  Just remember that all attacks (except subs) are considered to be simultaneous.  It doesn’t matter if you have land, air, or amphibious forces.  It all takes place at the same time. 😉

  • okay, I think I found the page my friend showed me in questioning this rule, page 13 in the revised rulebook, it says (in bold) Resolve all combats involving a given unit or group of air units before moving onto the next

    I dont know, Im looking for any other thing he could have showed me because this makes more sense to me right now…  that all happens during the combat move so Im assuming it only refers to AA fire, in which case he is completly wrong…

    Oh well, we were just hoping we had found a way to ruin nonagression treaty

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