• Does anyone know if you have to declare which country you are retreating into immediately, or whether you can wait until non-combat to declare?  The rules don’t seem to specify.  On the one hand, it’s part of the combat sequence which means you would have to declare before you proceeded attacking, on the other hand, logically, it seems very similar to non combat?

  • It’s part of the combat phase. After a round of firing by both attacker/defender, the attacker can choose to retreat and does so right then and there. Remember you can only retreat to a territory from where one of the attacking units came from and all units must retreat there regardless of where they come from.

  • Adding to Trihero’s reply…
    Aircraft that retreat also have to go to the designated territory.  HOWEVER, if they still have flight range left, they can fly to someplace else to land in the non-combat phase, to the limit of their range for the turn.

    Germany attacks Caucuses and brings a FIG from Balkans along.  After 1 round of battle, Germany knows they are going to lose and retreats to Ukraine.  The fig has now flown 3 spaces 1 from Balkans to Ukraine, 2 from Ukraine to Caucuses, 3 from Caucuses to Ukraine in the retreat).  In Germany’s non-combat, the fig can stay in Ukraine, of fly to Balkans, Eastern, Bel, or West Russia to land (assuming the designated territory was under German control at the start of the round of course).

  • Damn, we can;t even agree on the rules here…

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