• There is one design flaw with this game. It is a better map and better rules, yes! However, it is possible to capture all caoitols and still not win and keep playing. This situation was occurring in one of my games as I (axis) owned Russia and England  capitols but kept losing other key cities and owned most of the board… This game should be played with ipc victory. It makes more sense with finality to it. The designers never considered this.

    I suggest rule changes that would make it more final. First, if you capture 2 capitols, the game should be over. Or second, play with ipc victory. What do you think? I appreciate opinions on this dilemma.

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    How many VC are you requiring?

    Also, if you have Germany, Japan, Russian and England, how in the world do the allies have the forces to keep taking VCs???

  • With 2 capitals gone, and no ability for Russia and England to replenish troops… just keep trading the non-capital VC’s and killing enemy units.  He will never have more than what you see right now (except for the US), so once they are dead, they are gone.  And Japan and Germany jsut keep building… about 3 times the rate that USA can produce.

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    You might check the house rules forum. I’m pretty sure there is some stuff there about alternate victory conditions.

    If two capitols on one side are gone it is de facto over. If you had UK and Mos then you should have had no problem grinding out the victory. How could Mos and UK build new units? No capitols, no IPCs, no new units. You should also have been able to outspend them by tons. And not had any problem building units where you needed them.

    Also your opponents didn’t pay you the courtesy of surrender when you captured the second capitol? Sounds like sore losers to me.

  • And just FYI…

    In Second Edition by Milton Bradley and in the old Hasbro CD (3rd Ed.), control of 2 Allied capitals by the Axis was a defined Axis victory.

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