• I am playing an opponent who thinks that the terrain rules only apply to combat movement. I disagreed but then I reread the rules, the wording or way of explaining it left me somewhat unsure despite its apparent definitive nature. What gets me is the initial “units are subject to ‘terrain’ rules when in that type of zone” and then the later: “all land units have their movement reduced to 1 when subject to ‘terrain’ rules.” I can understand why one would think that they could move 2 in non combat. Can someone possibly assist me with some clarification? I would appreciate any info. Thanks.

  • Hi, the v3 Rules 1.7 to 1.12 describe the effect of each terrain type for both “Combat” and “Movement”. Combat obvioulsy applies to the Combat Phase, but for Movement, there is no distinction made between combat movement and non-combat movement.

    Plus, in real life, a mountain or a marsh is not easier to cross just because it’s a non-combat movement.

    In short, I don’t see a rule that would support your opponent’s interpretation, even the ones that you quoted.

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    Subject to terrain rules means when they are in a territory with terrain or crossing a border with terrain. The only example I can think of where a land unit can move 2 spaces in any type of terrain is a cavalry unit moving in mountain terrain.

  • I figured as much but thank u.

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