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    Not a true A&A variant, but I came across a game called “Check Your 6!” while researching paint schemes for our AA aircraft and quickly realized we could use our A&A aircraft pieces (we’d already painted & added magnets to them for the aircraft carriers) for the game if we could get suitable flight stands. I googled flight stands for the game and found easy to make Lego stands made from clear round pieces and a radar dish with an acorn nut superglued on top to allow the aircraft to show flight attitude as well as altitude (banking, climbing, diving). The first picture of our test scenario doesn’t have the later added numbers and arrows on the bases to more easily determine which piece goes with each aircraft’s movement & score sheet. The second picture has the better view of the numbered stands. Pictured on the stands in the 2nd picture are, from left to right, a Historical Board Gaming Me-109E (air intake painted in) with some 109E’s from Shapeways that came too small, but some MiscMini decals made them look good. I used the yellow number sheet from I-94 and the tank insignia for the direction arrow. I bought a 4ft x 6ft hex map with 1.5 inch hexes from HotzMats and it was game on. White pipe cleaners represent airftame damage and black represent engine damage. We played a game over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and we all had a lot of fun.
    0_1543199905211_CY6!-20180718_220416 banner.jpg 0_1543199956170_DSCN1742.JPG

  • 2020 '19 '18 Customizer

    Hmm… can’t find the edit post icon. I forgot to mention that the 6 sided dice by each flight stand is there to show the airspeed of the aircraft it sits behind.

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    Edit post is in the menu. Just click those three dots next to the heart and that pops up the menu.

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    I love the aircraft stands. This would be fun to use even in a regular A&A game.

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