• I got the idea from Holden who created flashpoint middle east.

    I decided rather than re-creating a WWII battle i would use the Pacific as a battle field.
    The game uses Australia and New Zealand as the islands were battle takes place.

    Below is the map

    Grey dots represent VC’s
    Blue dots are territories created from the split of a existing island/territory I.E new zealand’s islands have been split in to two parts.

    Thunda down under map #1.jpg

  • Map improved again not that good (Compared to Holden’s maps) has Territory names, Seazones, Vc names  and IPC values.

    There is 10 VC’s

    You need 30 points to win

    You gain 1 point per VC held per turn
    1 point per territory captured
    1 point per capital ship sunk

    Set Up

    Note territories without names are named after the VC that is in them

    Western Australia (Yellow)

    Starting IC’S 25

    Western Australia: 3 INF, 1 ARM, 1 ART, IC, AA and 1 FIGHTER
    South Western Australia: 3 INF
    North Western Australia: 3 INF
    Alice springs: 5 INF, 2 ART
    Northen Territory: 3 INF, 2 Art, 1 ARM, AA and 1 FIGHTER
    South Australia: 3 INF, 2 ARM, AA, IC and 1 FIGHTER

    Eastern Australia (Red)

    Starting IC’S 31

    Gold Coast: AA, IC, 1 FIGHTER, 3 INF and 1 ARM
    Queensland: 5 INF
    Sydeny: AA, IC, 3 INF, 3ARM, 3 ART and 1 FIGHTER
    New South Whales: 5 INF
    Victoria: AA, IC, 3 INF, 2 ART, 2 ARM and 1 FIGHTER
    Tasmania: 4 INF

    New Zealand (Green)

    Starting IC’S 20

    Auckland: IC, AA 5 INF, 2ART, 3ARM, 2 Fighter
    Wellington: AA, 5 INF, 2 ART, 1 ARM and 1 FIGHTER
    Canterbury: IC,AA 5 INF, 3 ART and 1 FIGHTER
    Otago: 5 INF, 2 ART

    Units that can’t be bought are:

    Tactical Bombers
    Heavy Bombers
    Mech Inf

    Sea Unit placements to come soon

    This has not been play tested

    New Zealand start weak economically but strong military
    W Australia is half n half
    E Australia strong economy weak military

    No alliances can be formed
    No capitals

    Thunda down under map #3.jpg

  • I like your idea, however for some constructive criticism I would suggest either adding more territories or enlarging the map maybe up to the Philippines and Vietnam, to give it extra umph; however so far I like how you divided up Australia and New Zealands it’s definently a new idea. I can’t wait to see this thing progress.

  • I might change the territories up and add papau new guinea. I might add the cook islands and other pacfic islands like Tong, Fiji  etc.

    I won’t add countries to close to asia as i’m trying to keep away from asia as there is already A&A pacific new map coming soon.

  • I have recreated the original map with Aus and NZ and made it have more territories.

    Thunda down under map 4.jpg

  • Is this based on reality?

  • Definently Papue New Guinea and the Cook Islands would be a nice touch, maybe as far as the Indies, and those lower pacific islands.

  • '10

    Have the Map represent the entire ANZAC “sphere of influence”.  Include New Guinea, Solomons, New Britain etc…

    Have three powers.  JAPAN, Australia and NZ.  I think there will be more interest that way.

  • No the VC’s are real but to make more territories i split it up.

    I tried to get away from the Japan idea because of the WWII ideas. An ANZAC battle between Aus and NZ was what i wanted.

    New map with straits between North and South islands of New Zealand and the one between Tasmania and Victoria

    Thunda down under map 5.jpg

  • I have try to make the territories more realistic but for some territories they just had to be split like Western australia otherwise it would be to large. Some territories have been named.

    Sea zones will be the next addition.

    For powers i believe it should be East/West Aus and NZ so that NZ won’t be killed by a massive Australia and also it shouldn’t be south and north NZ as one player will be elimanted really quickly and they won’t have the IPC levels to match Aus

    Thunda down under map 6.jpg

  • Your first map was better, IMHO. in this map, you have too many territories intersection at four corners (look at Kimberly, Port Headland). The idea is to have “natural” looking territories that do not have such abrupt junctions.

    Also, an intersection like that leads to players attempting to move “crosswise” - Kimberly-Great Victoria Desert etc.

  • I’m going to add in some parts of desserts and make it impassable. Also I am planning on re-modelling some of the territories.

    Quick question for anyone who is interested would you like Fiji as a playable power? If so please post soon as once the territories are done i will begin play testing.

    Extra powers welcome

    No Japan suggestions because i’m playing on trying to remove the WWII idea.


  • Re-formed some territories plus added sea zones.

    Next up Ipc values and power placements will wait for a little while for extra power suggestions.



    Act as a USA like power in global, strong economically

    To strong and very hard to kill

    New Zealand

    Good size for a 30ish territory games (9 territories)

    Split between to islands

    West Aus/East Aus

    two powers, Good size around 10 territories each

    very fast internal fighting

    North,south NZ

    troops won’t be split into two forces

    To small to be a problem for a larger power


    Extra power means more territories

    Small, only 1 possible VC, to easy to kill

    Fix the Fiji problem by giving them more islands in the pacific.

    Japan(Probably not)


    Extra power


    WWII ideas, no island home have to start in Aus, No capital
    ![](http://C:\Users\Wil\Pictures\Thunda down under map 7)

  • How about Tasmania as it’s own power, like a minor power?

  • I could add them as an optional extra power. Like Italy in revised edition.

  • Map nearing completion

    A few rules different from normal A&A

    The only units that can shoot down planes are AA, Art, Planes and BB

    The original setup is

    Every power starts with 200 Ipc of which 40 must be spent on air units, 40 must be spent on land units and 40 must be spent on naval units.

    If Tasmania is added they start with 250 ipc of which 50 must be spent on each type of unit

    Tow in you need to control

    6,7,8 Vcs of which one must be in NZ
    9,10 Vcs of which 2 must be in NZ
    11 of which three must be in NZ

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