• Hello everyone,

    Once every three months I play Axis & Allies with a group of 4 to 6 players. Last three games we were using a slighyly modified version of Oztea’s 1941 setup. My group likes this version much better than the original 1940 setup :mrgreen:.

    Last weekend we have used a few optional rules which I would like to share with you. Maybe you can also use (one of) these rules and have tips for us. The optional rules are:

    1 Production Capital ships
    Production of an AC or BB takes two turns, payment 50/50 per turn. So you pay 8 or 10 IPC first turn. Second turn you may complete the ship by paying the remaining 8 or 10 IPC. We were using a coaster to identify the capital ships 'under construction".

    Capital ships can only be build on a major factory and takes 2 production points. The only exeption to this rule is ANZAC, they can build a capital ship on their minor IC in Autralia or New Zealand (home county). The same is true for France (LOL, will never occour  :-D).

    2 Blitz
    I’ve watched GeneralHandGranade’s video’s on GlobalWar 1936. I liked the bitlz rules in this game so our rules says: ‘After the resolve combat phase, tanks and mech. inf. can attack the next terretory if they have used only 1 movement point in the first combat round’. Mech. inf. must be paired 1:1 with a tank to be ablke to blitz.
    Fighters and tactical bombers (no strat. bombers) can join the blitz if they have enough movement points remaining. During non combat, planes must land in a territory that was owned at the beginning of your turn.

    3 Airborne
    We were using paratroopers by allowing a strat. bomber to drop 1 inf. in a battle. The bomber and inf. must depart from the same terretory.
    At the start of the resolve combat phase, the defender may roll for AA-guns (if present). The defender must roll for attacking fightes/tac bombers and Bombers containing a paratrooper seperatly. A hit @1 from an AA-gun at a a bomber kills the bomber and the infantry unit.
    Then the attackers rolls for the landing to succeed, by rolling 1-4 the inf lands succesfully. By rolling 5-6 the paratrooper is killed. The bomber must return during non combat.
    The airbonre unit attacks and defends like a regular infantry.

    4 Target select
    Tactical bombers have target selection. Roll dice for tac. bomber seperately. When you roll a 1 on a tactical bomber, the attacket may choose the casualty. The casualty must be a land or naval unit (air units not allowed).

    We had a lot of fun, especially playing Germany and USSR on the eastern front. Tell me what you think of the rules.
    Maybe i’ll post our modified Oztea1941 setup, if you are interested.

    Greetings from a Dutch A&A player, please don’t judge my grammar :lol:.

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    I’d like to see your modified set up for Global 41.  My thoughts on your rules:

    1. I like the multi turn build for capital ships.  Two turns seems right.  I know in HGB’s Global war it takes 4 turns, which seems way to long.

    2. Would be fun to try, however if Japan sets up that strategy correctly they could gobble up China/Russia even faster.  If I’m playing the Axis, then I’m good to try that.

    3. Don’t like the idea of taking a strat bomber out of play to drop a unit that attacks @ 1.  Using a transport plane or a special infantry unit that represents the paratrooper & transport would be a better way to go.

    4. We actually use that as a research mod.  I guess we could just incorporate that for all tactical bombers.

    Don’t forget to post your 1941 mod.  Thx.

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