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  • I was playing Global 1940 with Jeremy and Italy managed to conquer the Eastern United States and Central America and South-East Mexico, all the way from Morocco. I also have something called currency holders (I can’t think of what to call it, really.) that hold your currency for all the Allied and Axis countries. Jeremy constructed it from drawing a rectangle for the currency from HBG. I used HBG’s battle bucks currency for money and I keep track of purchases from a paper that one of my staff at my house made for me.

    It says United Kingdom and Great Britain on it for UK Pacific and UK Europe.  It should be UK Europe and UK Pacific.  I have also created a World War I variant game for Historical Board Gaming that Doug Friend has posted on his website. It’s called Global 1914.  I was wondering if Doug could make WWI themed battle bucks for my game.

    I was also wondering if you could make Bolshevik pieces spray-painted from the World War I game to the Soviet color. You know, paint the pieces the Soviet color and create the October Revolution in my board game. I have created a rule in the game where Russia is knocked out of the war after turn 3 and Petrograd falls to a Bolshevik rebellion and all other Russian territories are affected, too.  7-12, roll, territory becomes Bolshevik, 1-6, territory stays White Russian. The White Russians are fighting the Bolsheviks and Poland regains its independence.  There is a revolt in West Prussia and Warsaw and Poland itself.  Poland is reformed again. I would like to promote my World War I game. Japan and China are on the same side in my World War I game.  Japan and Italy are also part of the Allies, along with Serbia and Montenegro.

    The Central Powers stop fighting with Russia and various Allied powers intervene to help the White Russians defeat the Bolsheviks.  Any Russian territories in Central Powers hands stay that way.  I am not sure about complications involving the Central Powers.  Finnish nationalists revolt in Finland against Russia and Finland becomes independent. You could spray-paint Russian pieces from the WWI game the Finnish color, too.  What do you guys think of my World War I game?  Rostov should be Don Cossacks Territory.  Romanian pieces should be spray-painted the Romanian color from the Russian pieces from Axis & Allies 1914.  I was thinking of creating a World War I themed battle board for my game, too.  Tactical bombers become scout bombers and mechanized infantry becomes armored cars.

    Tanks and mechanized infantry should blitz at a 2.  I am not sure about WWI technological developments. Jet fighters were considered to be science fiction in World War I and therefore inconceivable for that time period.  Guided missiles were inconceivable, too.  Rockets are out of the question.  I need some help coming up with whatever was high-tech technology in World War I. I have heavy bombers where bombers roll 2 for each bomber on a 4 or less.  I am not sure how to configure the game for 12 sided dice.

    Advanced artillery. 2 infantry, cavalry, or armored car are supported by one artillery at a 2 or less.  I would like armored car to be renamed mechanized infantry. Mechanized infantry was in its infancy in World War I  and I would like to have Zeppelin raids on London, too.

    Japan is in the game on the Allied side. You could paint British World War I pieces the Japanese orange color.  Britain was Japan’s main ally in World War I.  Serbia is on the Allied side against the Central Powers.

    Serbia is at war with Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire.  Greece is allied with Serbia. Serbian forces may choose to retreat into Greece and thus activate Greece as one of the Allied powers.

    Greece is a pro-Allies neutral and I have pro-Central Powers neutrals like Sweden, Denmark, and Chile.  Siam is a pro-Allies neutral and China is a power in the game. China does not get to enter the game until after the United States becomes involved and Chinese units cannot leave China at any time. You can send Chinese labourers to the front to help the Allies.

    China is suppressing rebellions against the Nationalist government there. China is against the Central Powers.

    I have no idea where to post this post. Do I post under World War I or under Global 1940?

    I was posting a game where Italy takes Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela. They also take Central America and South-East Mexico and the Eastern United States.  The United States was too distracted with fighting naval battles against the Japanese in the Pacific to take on the Italian invaders of the Eastern United States. The Italians easily conquered the Eastern United States. They also conquered Southern France, Yugoslavia, Greece, and activated Bulgaria.  Iraq was activated and Northwest Persia and Persia became invaded and conquered by Italy. Italy took Kazakhstan and took Turkmenistan and managed to take Russia.

    Italy also took West India.  That’s all for my Axis and Allies game and my Global 1914 game available at Historical Board Gaming.

  • Hello Patchman123, you should have posted this in the variant forum.
    BTW I do like your idea its sound really awesome.

  • Customizer

    I use WWII Russians and control markers for Bolsheviks. These are controlled by the CPs, but cannot attack outside original Russian areas. Some sort of Siberian railway track to represent the arrival of Allied (i.e. anti-Bolshevik) forces from the east.

    Something else I’ve experimented with is the release of POWs; if the war with Russia ends, G & A get a number of infantry to represent the release of prisoners held in Russia. This can be extended to any power being knocked out of the war.

    My main change is that collapse is based on national morale, based on casualties suffered & bombing raids on the capitals as well as losing battles and tt. Its fairly obvious that collapse based on income levels favours the CPs too much.

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