Are the War at Sea minis a good size for use with the Global maps?

  • I’d love to pimp my game with some of the painted War at Sea minis if they’re not too big for the Global 1940 map.  Anyone tried using them before?

  • The WAS ships are at scale, so different battleships will b different lengths. In AAA, all the battleships are the same size. Etcetera etcetera

  • No, not even close. The battleships and aircraft carriers are MUCH bigger than the A & A board game pieces! Would have to use task force markers and keep the ships off board. The planes in formations of 3 work and look much better but might be confusing because of the 3 planes on each stand. The smaller ships would fit and be a nice upgrade.

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    Another issue is that they are out of print–they remain popular in the Tournaments and so they are even re-building starters/boosters I believe (by re-bagging the correct rarities of the available loose pieces) because the sealed boxes ran out a few years ago.

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