Old Axis strategies what were they and how did they work?

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    The conventional wisdom in prior A&A games was for Germany to buy inf/art for the first few turns.  So alot of the early strategies aimed for an attack on Moscow on G8 or G9 (these players built artillery for a few turns and then built mech, creating an invincible but not particularly mobile army)….which gives Allies more time to make gains in other regions or retreat the Siberians.  Alot of times the Russians could simply abandon Moscow on R7 or R8 and still win the game if Allies were doing well in the Pacific.

    Another factor was that in prior games the conventional wisdom was that Axis needed to move quickly and decisively to win the game while the long game favored the Allies.  It took us awhile to figure out that (with the help of National Objectives, dual victory conditions and map dynamics) Axis could win the long game without having to capture any Allied capitals for the first 10 turns.

    It took alot of us awhile to realize that J1 and J2 were generally better than J3 (although this shouldn’t have been hard to figure out given the superiority of J1 in the standalone Pacific game).  This is closely related to the fact that most of my early games were Sea Lion games (so waiting till J3 keeps USA out of the Atlantic).  Allies generally have a better chance in a Sea Lion game than in a Barbarossa game.

    This was the old meta. Now the axis are far more aggressive. 2 bomber 1 sub g1, and slam egypt with 4 bomber 1 fig 1 tact etc.

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    There is absolutely no reason to play a slower paced axis. A more aggressive axis sees faster gains, higher income rates, and has the vc win down within 10 rounds.

    The old meta the axis played slower and typically lost.

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    Yes Mr. Moo, and that is why the meta now pushes the allies to shore up Moscow as quickly and deeply as possible, even losing other strongpoints or plans, because the Axis odds in the Moscow battle rise from G5-G7 but each turn after that, their odds stop increasing.  Unless you can strangle Moscow $$ and stop it’s defensive power from growing (thus the relentless stratbombings, which have to be countered or deterred imo)

  • @Zhukov44:

    Dual victory conditions means that either Germany/Italy or Japan can win the game for Axis.  This was a big change from the traditional way A&A games played out, where Allies would generally go either KJF or KGF.  In these games, Axis only had so much time to take out Russia before USA gets to either J or G.  Dual victory conditions force the Allies to adopt a balanced approach or risk losing on one side of the board or another.  This gives Axis more time to achieve economic dominance.

    Gotcha, thanks.  I didn’t play the older games.  So before without dual victory conditions if the Berlin or Tokyo were captured and held a turn then the Allies would win?  Whereas now they need to capture both capitals, unless the axis concede first.

  • What does meta mean?

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    metagame.  “Metagaming is any strategy, action or method used in a game which transcends a prescribed ruleset, uses external factors to affect the game, or goes beyond the supposed limits or environment set by the game. Another definition refers to the game universe outside of the game itself.”  Wikipedia.

    younger people backronym this to Most Effective Tactics Available but this is not correct.    These aren’t tactics, they are strategies.  They include

    1. what does my opponent like to do vs not do
    2. what do changes in the perception of the game over time do to affect how people play in general
    3. what might be best in a tournament, vs triple A vs, a live game
    4. is it better to do something reliable, or unexpected?
    5. is conservative play better in this scenario, or do I need to take bigger risks to win?

    These things are key to success in any highly nuanced and evolved game (or business ;))

  • What about Italian goals before the Taranto raid became a standard move?

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    Italy Rage with 2 or 3 transports.

    Hold Gibraltar and stack with defense.  Allies cant cross without getting attacked and they cant necessarily take the base back, either (esp. during KJF).  Once they can, you flee.  This works especially well in G42

    Take the oil with style.    Italy could get 40+ money with Germany’s air help, inserting through Syria and taking all 3 oil zones.  Getting other NOs.

    Double Sea Lion.  Throw Italy at UK and hope the sacrifice makes the Sea Lion odds work.  If they don’t, Germany still can fling a second round at Italy.

    Deep Atlantic Wall Italy is making the troops to defend Germany, so germany can spend every dime on offense.

    Egypt isn’t a safe zone when Italy is strong.  African ops are possible.    Can opening is Italys best use, Russia just runs for its life.  Africa is, as in real life, a black hole of resources that demanded an ever escalating commitment that reversed into cutting losses and admitting defeat.

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    “can fling another round of invaders AFTER Italy” not at Italy.  edit.

  • I’ve only played one game where Italy raged, it was glorious.  No Taranto I believe.  Axis win in Europe

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